The Game Plan!


Welcome to the Crayon Apron! My name is Tiffany; I have a three year old daughter. The snug is very interested in a variety of topics; I love to help her learn about all she can. To that end, we have adopted a method that works for our family; hopefully you will be able try it out with yours.

Theme Based Learning, is what it sounds like. Picking a topic and delving deeper into it. Since my daughter is three, we are choosing to do a theme a week. We don’t go too in depth at this age, but at some point may go back to an earlier topic to further research it, as necessary. We pick themes out a couple of weeks ahead of time and base them on my daughter’s current interest. If she has started noticing horses, instruments, etc. more, then that is the next theme. I let it come naturally and go from there. The more interested she is, the easier she learns.

On this blog I will be highlighting our themes, and showing what we do with them. I will always suggest books, crafts and food ideas. Hopefully I will also be able to have trip ideas to do with the themes, depending on the theme, space is obviously not going to happen. Unless you live by NASA and can tour the museum.

Have a great time!!!


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