Babies First Bite.

If you have snakes or cats or any animal really, you know there is a risk of getting bit. For cats and other mammals you usually don’t get bit unless you promote the bite. Sometimes they are play bites and other times they are warning bites, for cats there is the love bite, which I have never understood. Those definitely hurt more than they tickle. But for snakes, most bites mean business. Mainly they bite for food. Sometimes they bite to protect themselves. That’s what happened to the snug.

We have always encouraged the snug to be open (within reason) to all different things. We never speak badly of spiders (even though they do scare us) nor do we cringe at snakes or other reptiles (obviously). So when it comes to showing snug new reptiles, we encourage her to touch the safe ones. (We don’t have any venomous snakes, nor will we ever, but some snakes can be more tempermental than others.) She most of the time opts out of touching or holding and prefers to just observe. Except for this one time.

My husband took out a chinese beauty snake he had just received to show snug and I. The snug must have thought this one was particularly neat because all of a sudden, she reaches out and pokes him. (This is quite unlike her, as oppose to most children being born without fear, snug is all fear, most of the time, at least all hesitation). It is very rare and surprising and rewarding for her to step out of her comfort zone.

This surprised us immensely, it also surprised the snake. Who then reacted according to his natural instincts and shot out at her. Thankfully for him, he just poked her back with some of his teeth and didn’t grip on for a feed bite.  It was snug’s turn to be surprised and she didn’t even know she got bit until we said something about it.

You can barely see it, right above where her thumb starts. Our reaction right after the snake bit? We laughed and had her laughing too, saying how much she had surprised the snake and how silly it was that she made the snake jump. No trauma at all.


One response to “Babies First Bite.

  1. Isn’t that hilarious how kiddos feed off of our reactions? I used to take my charge to the Science Museum in St. Louis and we’d go into the discovery room where kids could hold those gigantic Madagascar hissing cockroaches. Gross, right? I always hid my disgust and asked her interesting questions-it was actually really cool, because she had no fear and LOVED to hold them and let them crawl up her arm. Much to the amazement of say some of the dads in their whose boys wouldn’t go near them! haha

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