This Eco Plan for this eco house!

Here is the story: My husband and I have been married for a few years now and we have hopped from apartment to town house to rental home and now we are temporarily living with family. Glamourous eh? We have never had that much, but had to get rid of most of our things when we moved across the country. In the meantime, while we job hunt and house hunt I have been collecting things that we no longer have but will need for our next and more permanent home (like dishes, cups, furniture, etc), so that it is not such a burden when we finally find a place. We will actually have something to eat our dinner off of.

Sounds easy enough but here is the plan or twist: Instead of just running to target or walmart to get a set of dishes, I have decided to take a different more sustainable approach. I have been getting dishes piece by piece from thrift and antique stores. As I will continue to get as much as possible for our house. I want an almost completely used and sustainable home. In this category you can follow what I have gotten and maybe get some inspiration for house projects for yourself!!


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