Tin State Plates!!

I have a little collection growing. It is very exciting, I have never had a collection before. My husband has. We cleaned out an old closet of his at his mom’s house and the stuff we found! The list includes, but is definitely not limited to, about 100 golf balls, boxes of baseball cards (large boxes), a six-pack of Patrick Roy special edition Pepsi cans (unopened), single socks (he doesn’t think this was collecting these, but after as many as we found, I am pretty sure it was a secret collection), and stamps, lots and lots of stamps. The stamps might have been one of the more common collections, but while my husband may collect things, he lacks in the precise organization of most collectors, making the stamps a little more frustrating. There a single stamp would be at the bottom of a box, in a hard to pick up corner and yet, being adorable, he was still very, very careful with each single stamp.

He is pretty silly and I am happy to say we did keep his collections and they are slightly more organized than they were, by slightly I mean very sightly, as in they are in a general group of boxes.

Husband aside, I have a collection now and I will show you some pictures of my collection!

Again it doesn’t get more exciting, I have four so far!

(By the way, having a collection is probably not THAT eco-friendly, but honestly, you got to live a little, right?)

State plates!!!

The fourth one I have is California. It is hiding in some box, among all the other mystery boxes. My family is in an extended state of moving at the moment, with a no definite end in sight. Oh goodness. In the meantime, I have been collecting this tin plates. Each plate has a rough map of the states and their cities and pictures of subjects of significance. A color picture of the state flower is also included.

Now as with most collectors, I have rules and limitations to my collecting. I am only getting states that I have been to.

Michigan- we lived and went to school there for three years.

Colorado- grew up there.

Iowa- family is from there.

California- my husband loves California and lived there for a while when he was a kid. It was also the first plate I ever found. It was at a cute little shop called Tallulah’s Folly in Old town Lansing, MI. Look them up on Facebook.

Next states in line, Ohio and Nebraska.

P.S. All the plates I find are used, I have no idea where to find a new one. CA came from an antique shop and the rest came from eBay.  IA was super eco-friendly since the eBay seller lived 5 minutes from us. So we met publicly and did a Craigslist type exchange for an eBay item.

P.P.S. I found this picture of one of my husbands collections and how it had been organized. It made me chuckle and I thought I would share. We found a ton more golf balls then this.


4 responses to “Tin State Plates!!

  1. I have Oklahoma, Wyoming, and Montana if you are looking for any of those.

    • Thank you Sarah!! I will let you know!!! I do love Wyoming and Montana. I never have liked tornadoes though, so I am conflicted about Oklahoma. However, I do like the Pioneer Woman a great deal and if by chance I become an amazing famous cook, in the near future and she happens to come to my house, it might be good to have on hand. 🙂

  2. I have all 50 states, so if you looking for one let me know. My mother collected them and they hung on the kitchen walls and into the laundry room and back.

  3. Madison, Thank you so much!!! I will let you know! So exciting!! I can’t wait to move and start up collecting again! I have seen some white ones too!

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