My first knitted mittens!

I love knitting, it is a challenge and a stress reliever.

Every year I make everyone practically the same thing for the holidays. The first year it was a bunch of terribly made scarfs. The second year it was more scarfs (better made) with a couple of different things for different people. The third year it was hats. All hats. (I actually have to make more hats this year, but cannot find my beloved hat pattern from a knitting guide, from my mom, from the 70’s, I will have to find it or improvise very soon).

For those not getting hats this year, I might make mittens, if I have nothing planned already. This is my first pair, they are a little choppy, but practice makes perfect.

Look at how pretty. This is the first/simplest mitten pattern in my little mitten and glove book. It is done with two needles and medium weight yarn. They are cute and will get the job done, even if they don’t have a fancy design.

What’s that, you said?? The left mitten looks larger than the right?? How can that be? Maybe it is the angle of the camera, or the lighting, or the fact that it is two extra rows bigger in the thumb and hand part. Whoops! I always thought the jokes about mismatched sleeves on sweaters were tall tales of the knitting world, but now I know.

This are my mittens by the way. Any gift mittens won’t be seen until after the holidays.


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