A Rep Keepers Worst Nightmare.

Or should I say one of their worst nightmares. There are many, many things that can go wrong when keeping any pet, especially ones that need specific heating/humidity/living arrangements. But this may actually be the worst.

My husband and I woke up to something interesting today, it was all over the news, but we don’t watch the news. We learned about it from various websites and Facebook, a big part of one of the local reptile businesses had burned down. Well the building is still standing, it is a very sturdy, warehouse type structure, but the whole inside is melted. This is an extremely devastating thing to happen to any reptile keeper, but especially when you have a whole facility geared toward reptile keeping.

Most snakes or all snakes, really, need to be kept at certain temperatures. They are after all cold-blooded creatures, many of them coming from warmer and more humid climates then you can find in Colorado. In order to keep them at a good temperature snake keepers use a variety of tools. Some use a heat lamp for one snake, or if you have more, you use heat cord and wind it in and out of whatever enclosure you are using. Either way this heat comes from electricity. Electric cords can go bad and start fires. That is what happened today and that is what has happened before.

Or even other things can start fires, a monitor getting out and finding its way into the walls and eating some electrical wiring. That happened to a friend of ours.

The whole reptile community is shuddering today and giving out sympathies, for this business who hands down had some awesome snakes.

Here are some pictures that they had posted on Facebook.


My husband after hearing the news, hopped over to help them as soon as he could today. There wasn’t much to help with in this area, but thankfully a handful of snakes did survive the destruction. They were able to find those and extremely thankfully the incubators survived and almost all of the eggs are still good. Some were even hatching today.

We wish them the best of luck in recovering from this devastating loss. We wish all the 3500 snakes that died the best too. Poor things. That is the really upsetting thing about this whole fire, not the loss of money, or damage to facility, but the death of all of the snakes. It brings me to tears and I don’t even keep snakes, my husband does.

The good, the bad and the risk when keeping reptiles.


One response to “A Rep Keepers Worst Nightmare.

  1. It makes me very sad too. Just when I am starting to get into reptiles and going over there every week. *sigh* I was a little distraught when I found out about it. It seemed, and still does, like a terrible dream.

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