This year has been a jumble of knots. Lots of fun times, but lots and lots of knots. This past week for example, my laptop cord, after much unraveling finally decided not to charge anymore. Probably for the best, the exposed wires did get kind of hot after the computer had been on for a while. So off to the mac store to buy our 4th charger for this computer, in five years. That doesn’t say too much about mac chargers, and by the way, the dog only chewed through one of those cords. Hopefully we can make this one last until our next computer.

Another knot that has just been tangling itself even more, is our older dog. She keeps peeing in her crate. Not because she has to go, trust me, after the five years we have had her we know, but out of pure spite. This has my mom tangled in a knot, since it is her house we are in right now. Only this knot is caked in slobber and dog hair and known of us know where to even start.

One last knot, one of our geckos died today. Goose the cat finally had success, I guess. We are not sure how or why he died yet, more of that to come.What a nice 2 hours too early wake up call for my husband!!! Positive he will be in a knot later too.

More knots are bound to come up, but everyone gets themselves into knots every now and then. Even snakes.

This little lady we found in our backyard. We know it is a lady, because Rob has a new sexing technique that he has been trying out on all the snakes he finds. Well almost all. Not that rattlesnake. More on both of those topics later.

This girl is lucky, she can slither out of her knot easily, our knots are a little more complicated. They will untie soon though, with enough work, and our strings get frayed from being too tangled up, we can just make new ones.


One response to “Knots

  1. I’m in all sorts of knots too!
    That is very sad about the Gecko though. =(

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