Old finds, create new excitement!

I found these cookbooks at a used bookstore almost two months ago now.

They were for cheap, obviously, and super fun. The first one is called, May it Please the Court and was written by a collection of Lawyer wives in Denver. I lol’d and had to get it for personal reasons, that hopefully I’ll get the opportunity to expand on in a few days. The dishes in it don’t look that bad, however I haven’t tried any out yet.

The next one is my favorite, Coffee Cup Favorites, this has recipe after recipe of lovely treats to go along with your coffee, all from scratch too.

The last is a Colorado cookbook, High Country Cooking, these older recipes are from Colorado residents and for Colorado. As silly as that sounds, there are adjustments that have to be made at 5000+ feet above sea level. My baking and I have been struggling, hopefully this cookbook will shed some light on the altitude transitions.

Those are the cookbooks and then there is this…

A pretty little vintage pillowcase. ♥♥♥ I figure I will use this one for the snug. I have a lot of these stamped pillowcases from my grandma that I will be embroidering this winter. They are beautiful. I will also be scouring Etsy for a couple of matching ones to make the snug a pillowcase dress for the spring. So much pillowcase activity!!

Love!!! Cookbooks and Pillowcases!!!

Now, I wonder, I have the pillowcases covered (hehe), but what to do about eco-friendly bedding, sheets and such?


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