Busy babies part 1; Blankets!

SO many people are having babies right now. Well that isn’t necessairily true… let me say so many people I know are having babies! It is very exciting, for most it is their first. So my mom and I have been very very busy making homemade baby gifts. They are so so easy to make and lots of fun!

The gifts we make are;

Flannel Receiving blankets

Fleece blankets (if you live in a colder climate)

Ribbon Blankets*

Play Blankets*

Cloth books*

*these gifts will be features in busy babies part 2 post.

The receiving and ribbon blankets are prefect for newborns, because after having one myself I know you can never have enough receiving blankets. Their bundling capabilities are endless. The rest of the gifts, ribbon and play blankets and books, are good for newborns too but will be better for when they are a couple of months old and are doing a little more then just eating, sleeping and well, you know shooting poop all over the walls, like my sweet little girl did once. Or twice.

Receiving Blankets!!

Receiving blankets are very easy. Just take a yard of baby patterned flannel, cut it out and sew around the edge. If you know a lot of people who are having babies, or going to be, I suggest stocking up on this fabric when it is on sale or when you see a pattern that is so adorable, you just can’t pass it up!

Anyway take your fabric and lay it out. We usually cut ours out to 34 x 36 inches. Though depending on the fabric and the pattern on the fabric we may do 36 x 36. Why so big? My mom started making them bigger just in case the babies rose a little more in the oven then they were expected to, like bread. The bigger sizes were so popular that she continued to make them. They are also great not only for bigger babies but babies who still have soothing issues as they grow.

Once your fabric is cut out, take it to your sewing machine (you can do this by hand but it will take longer) and hem the edges of the fabric. It is better to fold the fabric over twice. Make the first fold smaller with the raw edge and then a second fold slightly large so the raw edge of the fabric meets the inside fold edge. After you fold and sew all four edges you are done. It is easier to fold as you go for me, rather than fold, pin and sew.  This project takes about 30 minutes or less from start to finish.

Here is what the folding looks like.

Raw edge.



Now fold over that edge.



And fold again!


Pretty simple to fold over. Just sew like this once it is folded.





Here is what they look like after they are sewn.

Fleece Blankets

Fleece blankets are made the same exact way as the flannel receiving blankets, only bigger. For the fleece the measurements are 36 x 36. If you have a block pattern though you could adjust to 38 x 38 or what ever works. Cut out the fabric and hem the edges the same way you did for the receiving blanket. However!!! Learn from my mistake!! Actually my mom’s mistake, I reminded her on this one. Most fleece fabric is stretchy in one direction. So the width will be firm but the length will be stretchy or vis versa. When you are sewing be sure not to stretch out the fabric or else you will end up having a baby blanket with a lettuce edge. Which is this if you have never seen one…

This lettuce edge picture from whatthecraft.com is made from a serger sewing machine. However if you stretch your fleece fabric out while sewing it, you will receive a similar effect, but thankfully not as lettuce-y. It will look more Roman as oppose to green leaf.  After you have sewn around all the edges without stretching, you are done!

These blankets are so essential for that first part at home. The only blankets I love more then these two for little babies are the hand knitted or crocheted ones. Those are the warmest. While I do love to knit though, I have never made any baby blankets, I will have to try. Soon in fact.


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