Goose vs. Geckos

We had a cat named Goose. He was the best cat in the world. He made me like cats, maybe even love cats. He was so loving and happy. Purred all the time and loved to play. We had him for a little over 2 years and then he got sick from overconsumption. Poor, poor baby Goose. We miss him a lot, he just passed in mid October, which is why there was such a delay of blog posts.

I have been meaning to post about Goose and his Gecko chasing ambitions for the entire summer. Just never was able to get around to it. I figured I would make the time tonight and share the pictures I have from Goose and his Gecko hunting.

But first, a little back story. Goose hasn’t always chased geckos, for a while he was an avid tortoise watcher. That was all he could watch actually, flap jack (our pancake tortoise) was the only thing accessible to him. Until we moved and the whole world of herpetology opened up to him. He never knew such creatures existed just for his pleasure. He couldn’t wait to get his little paws on some of them. The snakes he admired, the tortoise he forgot about, but the geckos, they were fast and jumped and changed colors and were incredibly elusive. They were the ultimate hunt.

This went on everyday. Goose watching the gecko, the gecko slowly noticing he was being watched by a giant predator and then panicking, jumped and ran all over his little enclosure, while Goose would try his hardest to get at the gecko from all sides. Knocking everything off the desk, we learned quickly to put all liquids and papers else where. Poor Goose never did get that gecko.

He never really understood the glass that so effectively kept him away from what he so desired to kill. You don’t believe me on the kill? How could such a sweet purr machine want to kill??

I think this picture sums up the answer to that question.

Though he would occasionally grow weary of watching, he got reignited in the hunt once he found out there were geckos in the other tank too.

The other geckos are a lot smaller than the initial one we have had. More about the kinds of geckos they are in a later post. This post is just for Goose and his near shot at the glory that is Gecko hunting.

We love you Gooster and will miss you all the time. Sweet sweet kitty.


One response to “Goose vs. Geckos

  1. I miss seeing Goose over there. He was one of the chillest cats that I’ve ever met.

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