Whatever Evergreen Finds

On the snug’s birthday the only thing she wanted to do was have a picnic up in the mountains. That was the plan, but it was a very, very windy day and there was a giant snow storm coming/happening in most of the mountains. Ski areas rejoiced and we were a little disappointed. So instead of heading to see the leaves and scenery in Vail and surrounding areas as planned, we stayed a little closer down the mountain and went to Evergreen instead.

Evergreen is very, very pretty. The leaves were incredible…

Very pretty gold colors. My favorites though, we the ones on the side of the mountain.

All of those gold leaves peaking out from the green conifers. Lots of pretty trees and a great area.

While we were there driving through the main town part, my husband spotted an antique store. Knowing I can’t bear to pass those up he suggest we stop.

“What antique store?” I asked. “That one, right there,” he said pointing to a large, white, square building that looked something more akin to a repair shop garage.  “Okay?” was my response.

We find a place to park, after a mis-communication with a dumpster and headed in. It was only until we were right under the door that I saw the sign. Whatever Evergreen. Antiques, collectibles, etc.

It was huge inside and it had some of the nicest things I have ever seen at any store of this type. It was clean and presentable and had tons of shelves, which made everything easy to display. The day we went everything was 50% off for a going out of business sale. The store was closing, which was practically heartbreaking. We finally found the best little antique store and right when we did, it was closing. It was for a good reason though. The owner’s daughter had been in a pretty bad car accident earlier in the fall and while she was doing much better and recovering very well, the owner wanted more time to help his daughter. It will be a long road, but it sounds like a good, supportive community with great care and a strong girl. He was a very nice man and a good owner from the looks of it. We found some great treasures.

This is a little wall plaque. It has this image printed on one side and Cork board on the other. I have no idea what I am going to do with it. But I loved it!

This is a pyrex container. I love these. My mom has a whole collection of them. They are incredibly handy for leftover storage and are the perfect size for side dishes at dinner. I loved the snowflake type design on the outside and it came with its lid! A giant +, given most of them you find without lids.

The last and biggest treasure that we found was this beauty. An osterizer. These are the best blenders I have ever encountered and I have seen/used/owned a ton of different blenders. Really a ton, they have been a constant aggravation  in my kitchen life. They are all terrible! Except this one. My mom still has the one she got around the time she got married in the late 70’s. It works better now, then any other blender. So once we saw this, apparently my husband has the same feelings about blenders, we had to have it. It works great!! The best part, it is bright red and the blender pitcher is a square shape, instead of the oblong shape it is usually!

We got a couple of other things while we were there. Some super cute yarn that I am using to making mittens for snug, a little stuffed teddy wearing a pumpkin costume and finally a surprise. A little Christmas gift tossed in our box by the owner. That is pretty fun.

The owner of Whatever Evergreen has a fund set up to help with the expenses that have come from his daughters’ injuries. If you are interested in helping or want more information let me know and I can email where you can help!


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