The Chicken Roaster.

A while back. About 1 and half years ago now. I discovered a chicken roaster. My friend from work, Kelly, had one. I don’t know how we got on the conversation of cooking chicken, odd subjects and  every subject tends to come up when you work at a bookstore and are patiently waiting more costumers.

Anyway, she told me she had a chicken roaster, that was kind of crazy, it had a cup built-in the middle of the ceramic bowl and you put any liquid/spice combination and place the chicken right on top. Sitting pretty and cooking thoroughly. I was very interested, so she, being completely awesome, let me borrow it.

My husband and I found ourselves a chicken and got to work. I was shocked. This simple odd-looking ceramic dish worked amazing. The chicken was perfect. To this day, it is the best chicken I have ever had. It is almost impossible to make a chicken dry out using this pan. Unless you forget about your chicken and it sits in the oven too long, but then that’s your husbands’ problem. (It wouldn’t be his problem if he wasn’t so picky about his meat).

Anyway back to the chicken roaster. Now I know I am being a little unreasonable, I hate only specific pans. For example, fluted tart pans and all the other speciality baking pans that exist. Let me just say I am not going to be the one who buys one of those brownie pan that only makes edges. What else will you use that pan for? This however, this is different, this is meat. Brownies, cakes, cookies, you can improvise and use other things, chicken, nothing I have tried could ever match the deliciousness of the chicken that comes out of this pan. It is again practically impossible to mess up. Though it may take some hunting to find one.

Kelly had gotten hers for a wedding gift. I have seen one at a thrift store. We got ours off of etsy and my mom just found one at a craft fair.

What makes this pan eco?? This one use pan? Well to me it is eco for a couple of reasons. First it is finally a good way to cook a whole chicken, as oppose to boiling the whole bird to make stock. Second all the ones I have found have been locally made. Now if somehow the department stores get a hold of this idea, which they eventually will, and you get yours from them, it is not eco-friendly. My favorite part about this pan is that someone accessible made it. I can email them if I have questions or find more artisans who are making these and support them. I am not sure how eco-friendly or sustainable it is to use a clay or ceramic pot. I will have to look into that more.

Here are some listed on Etsy. They are also called beer can chicken roaster. They range around 39-46, depending.


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