Homemade Decorations: Painted Lanterns

For Halloween the snug and I made some fun lantern decorations. Now even though we did ours for Halloween, this craft can transfer over to any other holiday. You can do snowflakes or hearts, Menorahs or trees, anything really. They would be great for picnics in the summer, or in our case, great to light the porch step on Halloween.

We found the craft, from those clever people at family fun.

They call them, ‘Jar-o-Lanterns’. They are super simple and here is our step by step process.

Needed supplies are; as many glass jars as you want to make, you can use mason jars, ball jars, pickle jars, spaghetti jars, anything really as long it is glass and clean. Masking tape, acrylic paint in your desired colors, paint brushes, paper plates or paint trays and newspaper. Puff paint is optional. And tea lights or the small LED battery lights, eventually.

Get your area set up with the newspaper and put some paint on the plates. Then take your jars and with the masking tape, cut or create shapes that you want your jar to have. For Halloween we did jack-o-lantern faces, but here is where the other holidays come into play. You could do hearts with pink paint for valentine’s day or snowflakes with blue or white paint for winter. Possibilities are endless.

Here are our jars. We wrote out ‘spooky’ on the biggest jar we had. We used wide-mouthed mason jars, that were extra we had from canning season.

Start painting, cover the whole jar, even the tape.

Once they are all done, just wait, wait, wait for them to dry. Wait a little longer then you want to. Acrylic paint will peel if it is not all the way dry. After the jars are completely dry, pull the tape off.

My mistake! I got a little impatient and pulled off the tape while the paint was dry, but not dry enough. A couple of times a huge strip of paint came off with the tape I pulled off. Thankfully it was a very easy touch up.

Now just for fun and affect, also because we had some lying around, we outlined our jars facial features with yellow puff paint.

It really helped them pop!

The picture isn’t fantastic but the effect in person is wonderful! They all turned out very cute though and we will be able to use them over and over again. They are also great for holding candy or you could give some gifts in them. For example, if you do not paint around the rim where the lid screws on you could fill it with a cookie mix or hot cocoa mix and give it as a decorative gift.

Overall though, these are just plain fun.


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