How to can a cat.

Next week I will be doing a few posts about canning. Canning season could practically be over, but it is still harvest season, so in honor of the harvest feast going on next week, i.e. Thanksgiving. I will be sharing the canning adventures from September.

In the meantime though.

How to can a cat.

First, grab the biggest pot you can find, one in which the cat will lay comfortably.

Next, find a project that you can do, one that requires the up-most in sanitation practices, for example canning. Everything has to be boiled, cleaned, disinfected, perfectly spotless and not even close to any germs, let alone cat hair.

Finally, leave that bowl out, for just a minute, with all that pressure of sanitation hovering over it, so it will be tempting enough for the cat to want to break the rules. Then wait just a minute and you will have caught your cat and are ready to process.

Let him steep in the pot for a while like this and when he finally tires of his defiance and leaves the pot, give him lots and lots of snuggles and kisses, double snuggles and cheek rubs. You’ll have him canned for sure, but only in your memory*.

Then grab that pot and scrub the cat hair, bacteria life out of it, so it is once again fully sanitary and ready for canning.

*We miss our baby Goose. Snug forgot a couple of times this week that he was dead, unfortunately the coyotes remembered and found him and took care of the remains. Fantastic. Poor baby Goose.


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