I ♡ Vinatge: Patterns!

The other day my mom and I were at Savers. I had never been to a Savers before. They are a thrift stores that are privately chain owned and support local community programs, local charities and local non-profits. Also they usually advertise that if you donate items they will give you a 20% off coupon. That is pretty exciting.

Local, thrifty, coupons, I like all these things.

We found some fun stuff there, but my favorite thing we found were the patterns. We found a ton of patterns. We also found a couple at the goodwill too.

Now while we found a ton, I only picked up a couple, that eventually I would be willing to make.

I love them!

My suggestion is to pick them up when you find them. Pattern reprints are hard to come by for the average person and are very expensive (in comparison to the average price of a pattern).

This way you can mix and match and gather inspiration.

Now I have to get some pattern tracing paper.

Though I doubt I will be able to find that at a thrift store.

Happy hunting!!!



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