Flag mini-theme!

Our flag day theme started with a recipe. A cheesecake recipe. This one in particular. I had been wanting to make it for a while, but I can’t do cheesecake in the winter. It just doesn’t work for me. I need cheesecake in the summer, with fruit. So since berries were on sale and flag day was coming up and it was June, I decided we might as well make a theme of it, because then we would just HAVE to make these cheesecakes!

Delicious!!! Snug did such a great job decorating them. See for yourself..

The Books:

I wonder Why Countries Fly Flags by Clause Steele- The “I wonder why” series is a very neat little series of books, covering a mass amount of topics. Written in a simple question & answer format, a ton of information is given on each page, in simple sentences with tons of pictures. Snug really liked it, but it was a little long and took a couple of days to get through the whole book.

State Flags by Sue R. Brandt- This book was fantastic and so descriptive. For each state there was a page and a flag, obviously, then a description of the flag and why it looked the way it did, when it was established, and other general information. We only looked at a few, but it was very interesting to read. I doubt Snug took too much information from it though, but we aren’t here to memorize facts.

DK Handbooks: Flags by William G. Crampton- This book was cool! It had so so many flags in it. Flags from every place around the world imaginable. Snug had a great time pointing out the similarities of some of the flags. It is out of date though, from 1999, but it was what our library had and it works for exemplifying flags.


Coloring: We don’t like to color in our house, by we, I of course mean Snug. I like to color, I think it is relaxing, Snug does not think it is relaxing, she thinks it is work. Work too hard and frustrating for her. She likes to cut instead and can cut almost anything out. No coloring though.

However, just because we don’t like to color doesn’t mean we shouldn’t occasionally practice it. So here are my attempts at getting Snug to color.

#1. Copy Cat Coloring- I color my picture like this and you color your picture like mine.

This works great, for lines. Not for big spaces. She did a great job though.

#2. Instructional coloring- this is where you look in the book to see what the colors are supposed to be and tell her what to color in. This can also be called the helping hand coloring, given she did great coloring an inch or two and then gave up.

Since I am trying to avoid Tigress mothering when it comes to her learning how to color, I gave in and gave her a helping hand to fill in the rest of the space.

#3 Project Manager Coloring- this is Snug’s favorite coloring, she tells me what colors to use and where they should go and I coloring them in. She likes to sit and watch and get the next color ready.

Do you think Betsy Ross would have worn that shade of pink? Hard to say.

We got most, if not all of our coloring pages from USA-printables.

Our next activities where a ton of fun!

Make your own Flag!

First after talking about flags and their significance (community, identity, fun, etc). We decided to make our own, thankfully my mom found some Snoopy stencils at Wendy’s, unfortunately for Snug, making a flag meant more coloring.

We made a couple of different ones. I don’t remember what they mean, but I am sure I asked Snug for an explanation of the symbols and what they meant to her country.

Flag letters and symbols!

Our next and last activity, was seeing flags as symbols, I stumbled upon this. The International maritime signal flags. So after reading a little about the flags and why they are used, sending messages to ships from ships, for ships, by ships, ships, ships, ships. We looked up a copy of the flags and got to work.

Here is the copy we used.

I drew out all the flags and we colored them. Then we picked our favorites letters, I liked Z and N, Snug thought F and Y were pretty cool.

Then we did some flag spelling. Snug, mom, dad, Goose (our cat).

Then we did some out loud spelling. My husband and I would say and slowly spell a word and Snug would find the letters.

Very good! We had a ton of fun with this! You can do lots of things with flags, at one time I had tried to explain what elections in democratic nations were using flags for examples. It did not go as planned though.

Me: “Okay Snug, it is almost election time, that means people get to vote. Since we live in a democratic nation, we vote and choose what changes we want. For example, say you and me and daddy were going to vote for a family flag. We all had different ideas for what our flag would be. Daddy’s flag is blue,”

Snug: “Daddy’s flag should have a snake on it.”

Me: “Alright, Daddy’s flag is blue with a snake, my flag would be green with an S on it and your flag..”

Snug: “My flag would be pink…with a cat in the middle…and and and”

Me: “Well that is good pink with a cat, so anyway we would all draw our flags and..”

Snug: “My flag is pink with the cat right? I think it should have a princess too.”

Me: “Fine, that’s really good, pink with cat and princess. So we take our flags and we decide which is the best one.”

Snug: “My flag is the best, it is pink with a cat and princesses and other things too.”

Me: “But Snug we would have to vote which flag we think is the best.”

Snug: “My flag is definitely the best. But I think dad’s should also have _____ and then mine should have more stuff on it……”

This is where I gave up, she continued to make plans for her flag long after my attempt to explain democracy to her had failed. Another day. The point is there are always so many opportunities to talk about the importance and significance of flags.

Also not hiding behind your flag, it would be good to explain about that too.

Happy Themeing!


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