Homemade Bug Kit!

Earlier this year, in August, Snug, my mom and I ventured to Iowa, for the first time in years, to see my moms family. We had a blast and Snug has not stopped talking about it! She wants to move to Iowa. She keeps telling Bug there are jobs in Iowa he can do, there are schools for her there, Iowa has everything!

While we were there we got to hang out with my cousins kiddos, so my second cousins. We liked them so much we thought we would send them Christmas gifts this year. The little girl was easy, she loves princesses, like Snug, so we made her a princess blanket, from a panel we had lying around. The boy was a little harder though, he is about 6 and that age is uncharted territory for me. I have no idea what 6/7 year olds like, I have no idea what boys like.

So we reflected and thought and looked and reflected more and remembered that Snug, the kids and I all had gone on a couple bug hunts while we were in Iowa. The boy loved the bug hunts the most! So after thinking some more we decided to make him a bug kit! It turned out very cool!!

Here is what you will need for your very own bug kit:

Cleaned jar (any size is great, we used a small pasta jar), acrylic craft paints, brushes, hammer and nail, Book about bugs and a magnifying glass or other accessories of your choice.

This is a cool magnifier, it has a stand so you can prop it up, it also comes with plastic tweezers for easy and safe bug handling, for you and the bug…hopefully. This one is priced around $10, but there are cheaper just plain magnifying glasses too, if you are buying in bulk. Lots of bug kits!!!

Now the book, for bug books and science books, I would try a used bookstore before you buy new. The used book stores usually have a better selection of really cool kids books, that are cheap and perfect. We found this book at a book sale (DK Eyewonder Bugs) and it was great, very age appropriate, not for him to read, but the little chunks of information are great for someone to read to him.

Take the jar and lid and choose some paint.

Now grab your sweet child from whatever activity they were doing and put them to work painting! Cover the entire lid, it will take some thick painting skills.

For the jar we painted letters on the top part “(second cousin’s name)’S BUG JAR”.

Looks pretty cool, one of my better ideas, I will admit.

Now carefully, that lid is covered and wet, place the jar and lid out-of-the-way to dry in a safe place. Next, get busy with life and forget about your project for a couple of days, the lid will definitely be dry by then. (Sorry I don’t have an approximate drying time, what I did is in the instructions).

Hammer, Nail, Lid.

Take the nail, you want one that isn’t huge, but isn’t too small either. You want plenty of air to get in the jar, but not let anything out. It depends on what you have and how big your lid is. Mainly though, we just go with what we have.

Anyway, take the nail and tap holes into the lid, lots and lots and lots of holes!

Maybe not too many. You can definitely do more than this.

Also, if you have some good gloves you can go ahead and let your preschooler try to hammer, we tried, without gloves, and I chickened out. Sorry sweet heart. You could also use pliers and hold the nail while the kiddo hammers. We couldn’t find any.

TA-DA! You have a very fun bug kit!

Happy hunting!!!


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