Upcoming Theme Posts!

The snug and I have done a lot of themes so far. 25 to be exact. They have all been a ton of fun! However, if you do the math 25 is a low number. Given we started this is March, if we stuck to the theme a week adgenda we would be on week 43 now.

Sometimes that isn’t possible or all the time. I started with the idea and phrase weekly themed learning, because it just sounded so good on paper, computer screen paper. In reality, if we were to try to shove in a theme a week, we wouldn’t learn anything, it wouldn’t be fun and we wouldn’t have time for other stuff; library story times, stock show parades, impromptu picnics, etc. So now it is just theme learning, especially given our subjects. Now if we were learning about letters or colors, one a week would be more then enough, but since my husband isn’t good with his colors and I get very bored very quickly, (something about adoring school and textbooks and loving Hermonie got me this way), we step up or themes a little and extend the time.

So far it has been going great, we have enough time to do the stuff we want and need to do and enough time to learn about something really cool and take a couple of field trips. Here is a list of things we have learned about, but for various reasons, mainly lack of time, I have not been able to post about yet.








Tea Parties


Day of the Dead

Cowgirls/Annie Oakley

Mini-Cotton Candy

Mini-Saint Lucia


We are actually doing Dinosaurs right now, literally as I type, Snug is watching Diego Dinosaur Rescue Adventure. Here is a picture of Dinosaur week so far!

That is Snug, my brother and I. Snug loves the T. Rex can’t you just see it on her face?

Anyway, the point is, there are lots of theme posts to look forward too and I will do my best to get as many of them posted this month. That way, hopefully in the very near future, I can post about a theme right after we finish it, before the library books are due back.

Happy Themeing!


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