Knitted Dishcloths!

So the holidays were crazy, right? Right.

They always are. I had just forgotten how much crazier they are when you are actually around family. I had also forgotten how long it takes me to make presents, I was running short on time and patience and needed something simple and new to make. I have been making/knitting presents for close family and friends for the past 3 years. The first year was scarfs, the next year was hats, the third year was more scarfs and hats. This year though I wanted to try something new, I wanted to make mittens. Which I did do, for some people. Unfortunately mittens are a little more time-consuming and since, again, I was running short on time I desperately searched the interwebs for something, anything. I found this site!

Knitting Pattern Central

That is a link to the dish cloths page, but the website is loaded with tons and tons and tons of free patterns. Lots of cute and clever things! I fell in love with these dish cloths and all the different designs.

State Dishcloth Patterns

This link is to dishcloth patterns for every state!!! Most of them contain the shape of the state as well as the state abbreviation. I love state stuff! States, states, states!!!!

All of these patterns are so easy, fast and are perfect for beginning knitters who need to practice the simple stitches. Here are pictures of some of the ones I made. They go very fast too, without interruptions I say it would take 1-2 hours max. Timing is hard to gauge with a preschooler and eighty billion other distractions, it would take me 3 max, with the interruptions.

This was the first dishcloth I made for Halloween! Adorable spider!!As you can see, for most of the patterns the contrasting stitches make the design.

This one is called Irish Moss. I love it. I made a couple of these.



I love these dish cloths! They can be used for cleaning, dusting, scrubbing, dishes, mopping, sopping, anything!! Possibilities limitless once again!!!

However, you will want to use 100% cotton yarn to make these. They work the best for cleaning. They hold up well in the wash too. No hand-washing needed. Which is why the yarn is so nice. Sugar n’ Cream is the main brand, pretty cheap, especially if you can find it on sale. One skein of Sugar n’ Cream (2 oz) will make 2 dish cloths, with a little left over.

I can not wait to make a million of these for my house! I am never buying wash cloths again! Hooray!!!



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  1. These are really awesome.

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