Learning to Crochet…like learning to fly without wings.

I am a knitter, I have been for about three years now and I am happy to say that I would feel comfortable trying my hardest to knit anything thrown my way. I love the needles, the challenge, the feel of the yarn. All of it.

In fact one day I want alpacas, then I can use the wool to make yarn to knit more! Assuming I would figure out how to whittle my own needles I would have completely eco-friendly knitting. It is a beautiful thing. All of this is for another day though.

Today I am learning to crochet. Why? Here are my reasons.

1. I love those zig-zaggy blankets more than any other blanket in the world!

2. I found some fantastic crochet pattern collection books at a garage sale.

3. My mom crochets.

4. Those zig-zag blankets.

5. The bags. You can make the cute knitted bags, but the patterns I have found for crochet bags, my oh my.

So I decided after the holiday knitting was over, which it isn’t, that I would take up crochet. I was even further motivated when a blogger I recently found, Crunchy Catholic Momma, posted the idea for a stash bash. Every Thursday she would post something she had made from her ever existing craft stash and invited others to join in. Why that is eco-friendly, productive and fun. There is no way I could not do this. So with the final motivation pushing me on and the help of online patterns and tutorial videos, I am diving headfirst into the world of crochet.

So what is my first crocheting challenge? (Mind you I have never crocheted more than a chain).

Snake Scarf Pattern.

This is the picture from the pattern. I stumbled upon this idea on etsy and googled around for patterns until I found the one linked above. It was free, cute and simple. And how could I not, I mean my husband has snakes, this blog has snakes, why not combine worlds of hobbying. My crafting with his snake breeding. This is marriage working together. This is me embracing every quirk of my husband, every slither he has, every…well you get the idea.

Here is my progress so far.

Mind the gaps please.

I got to work on it for about an hour today or more. Depending. The teal yarn I have had lying around for a while, I got it on clearance who knows when. I made mittens out of one skein, but had this extra one. The pink is 100% cotton yarn leftover from all those dish cloths I made during the holidays.

This is how my crocheting has gone so far. 1. Find the pattern.  2. Find the motivation.  3. Find the yarn, after I had already pulled out all my yarn to get to other supplies for a dinosaur project.  4. Look at the pattern.  5. Get whatever needle out I have, ignoring the patterns requirements.  6. Look at the pattern more closely and get horrified by the abbreviations.   7. Look up abbreviations.    8. Watch Video.    9. Thank the knitwitch.   10. Start.   11. Crochet and make mistakes.  12. Tentatively pull out some stitches.   13. Get excited realizing how easy it is to fix crochet mistakes.   14. Keep going, ignore multiple holes and get better as you progress.   15. Be thankful that this snake will have the prettiest tail by the time I get there and be happy that the future eyes and tongue will distract from any holes.  16. Have light burn out in room whilst typing post and run to get husband, because I had just been reading Harry Potter and some magical forces may have cause the flux in electricity.  17. Wake up the turtle by turning on his light to finish post.

I will post pictures once my project is finished.

UPDATE!!! 4 days later the project is finished!!! Here are some pictures.

From tongue to tail tip, the snake is 52 inches in length. Not too long, but I started to worry about yarn shortage.

The pictures aren’t the best. It is night, the lighting is terrible, but I was too excited to wait. I have to take care of my excitement before bed or else I won’t sleep and yes, I would be so excited to post about my finished snake scarf I wouldn’t be able to sleep. It doesn’t take much, but it drives my husband crazy.

Adorable! I loved this project it was so easy and half way through the snake my stitches got better and there are barely any holes. Well until you get to the tail.

Now onto my next project, I got the yarn today…

A fan rainbow afghan for the snug. Here is a picture and a link to the pattern. (The link is in the picture, but unfortunately you will have to register with lion brand in order to see the picture. It is free and they send minimal emails).

Happy Crochetting to you!!


7 responses to “Learning to Crochet…like learning to fly without wings.

  1. Love the snake! Especially in teal 🙂 Thanks for coming by my blog to the table runner post. Your knitting is beautiful!

  2. I am a crocheter first who thought I could never learn to use sticks without a hook at the end but now I love knitting just as much, I hope you get to love crochet as much as knitting. Yeah, it is so easy to fix mistakes while crocheting! Can’t wait to see how you progress. Thanks for joining the Stash Bash!

    • Thank you for hosting the stash bash, what a great idea to inspire community through crafters. I am so excited to stop by and see all the other projects. However, Michaels has almost all their yarn on sale this coming week, I know I don’t NEED anymore, but still.

  3. Uh oh! That is going to take alot of restraint on my part. Yarn is my weak spot. I don’t use any acrylic yarns but they have plenty of other yarn that would love to come home with me…

  4. Lucy at Attic24 has a fabulous ripple pattern that I LOVE using. Her website is linked on my blog.
    Good luck with your crocheting journey!

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