Gecko Watching and Sexing Probes (not explicit)

Last night I posted on Facebook a couple of things I never could have imagined that I would do in my life. Here is a blurb on those things and how I spent my Thursday night.

Snug’s leopard gecko, named Tangy, (that we got in October and I have yet to make a post about) sheds constantly. As do most young leopard geckos, she is a growing girl and it shows, she has been getting longer. She has been shedding so much though that she wasn’t able to get some parts of the shed skin off as effectively as needed. I asked my husband what the big deal was, it would just come of the next time she shed and he said that it might, but it might not. If it continues to fail to come off, it could cut off circulation and she would lose a little toe or finger. In order to prevent that, it was bath time.

Well I call it bath time. The rest of the greater herp. world calls it soaking. This is where you take a Ziploc container or a tub, not bath tub but more of a small storage tub, and depending on the size of your animal add a couple of inches of water. For Tangy we did around an inch of water. So just as I was sitting down to relax, blog, etc. I was informed that I would be on gecko watch.

(gecko watch means making sure the gecko doesn’t drink too much at the gecko bars right?)

I turned my head to the side and gave my husband a confused look and said, “husband, I have been responsible for watching our child all day, I have fed her, cleaned her, made cupcakes, made everyone dinner and received a questionable package in the mail (see below). I also tried to enrich our daughters life and mind by helping her learn about Dinosaurs. I took the car to the shop, played with dress up stickers for an hour, while the shop fixed yet another flat tire (where are we picking up this stuff?) and broke a vacuum (side note there is absolutely nothing worse than a broken dead vacuum smell). Why in the world do I have to be responsible for watching a gecko soak when snakes soak by themselves all the time?”

He informed me, that it is our daughters beloved gecko and while it should be fine, he just wanted to make sure it didn’t get tired and decide to try to become an aquatic species of gecko.

So there I was left, in front of a computer full of free time possibility, with another responsibility on my plate. I love Tangy and Snug and my husband, I didn’t mind the task, but really? Gecko watching? I mean I always thought they were cool, but never knew I would have to stand guard to make sure one didn’t drown.

Gecko watching = babysitting = hero mentality = = = Ultimate Gecko Protector.

(p.s. the lid isn’t sealed just put on the top, so someone doesn’t jump ship…lol…)

(Tangy was trying to sneak a peek at FlapJack but he was sleeping)

(as usual)

The next thing I never would have imagined, in this case, receiving was this package. In fact many packages I have been responsible for taking care of, mailing, receiving, etc, but yesterday this one came as a complete surprise. It was from UPS, in a medium brown mailing box. In the box was a rolled UPS bubble mailing bag and in the bag was an invoice and a shiny metal tube with two rubber stoppers on the end. I of course looked at the invoice first and saw “Big Apple Sexing Probes (6 piece set)”. I chuckled and sighed and then showed my friend who in turn took a picture of the invoice.

This shouldn’t have been too much of a surprise, Bug has been talking about getting these for a while, it is just the name and the product in general. I get what it is and what it does (I will talk about that in a later post with husband present so I don’t mess anything up) but if sexing wasn’t bad enough, the word/term probes is what really seals the deal on the most interesting thing we have ever received in the mail. It only gets better when my husband gets out the KY to go with the probes. Goodness Gracious.

(Six different sizes for different sizes of snakes)

(Again I repeat…goodness gracious)

(We did get most of the shed off of Tangy, but she was very cold and ready to “snuggle” after her bath.)

(Not really, she hates being on display like that and just wanted to hide in a warm spot.)

Oh geckos and snake probes…..


2 responses to “Gecko Watching and Sexing Probes (not explicit)

  1. teehee! Ok… it all makes sense now! 🙂 That facebook post definately had me wondering what you were up to! 🙂

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