I am mittened out!

I am finally done with my holiday mitten making. After a pair for an uncle, my mom, myself, my daughter and my brother, I am spent. No more mittens for me for months to come. Whoever didn’t get mittens this year, can definitely expect them next year. Well, they can definitely maybe expect them. No promises though, my suggestion is to just try to go through life without any expectations.

This is the pattern book I used for my mittens this year. I loved it and I will definitely keep this pattern/yarn company in mind.

Patons Mittens and Gloves Book!

It was easy to follow and aside from time-consuming, given they are mittens and there are two of them, (apparently you can’t just make one mitten for a person with two hands and expect them to switch off). It is a great project. I did the first two patterns, Basic two needle mittens, with medium worsted yarn and super fine yarn.

Thank goodness that is finished! No wonder grandmas used to yell at the kiddos for losing their mittens. I have a better understanding of the Jan Brett book The Mitten than ever before.

Happy knitting!


One response to “I am mittened out!

  1. Thanks for the mittens!

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