I’ve grown accustomed to the snakes…

The husband and I will celebrate our four-year anniversary on Friday!

By celebrate I of course mean the day will pass almost unnoticed while we move, yet again.

Anyway, in honor of our achievement of four years of enduring life’s stresses, law school, child rearing, my slight hypochondria, going on no sleep, etc. I have come up with a list of things I have grown accustomed to, things that I otherwise would have possibly avoided pre-marriage.

Things I have grown accustomed too…

Stepping on pieces of shed snake-skin and having it get stuck to your foot.

Snake hunting, outdoors (or inside the house depending…I prefer the outdoors ((less furniture to frantically move)).

Dirty socks randomly lying all over the place.

Geckos and their relentless speed.

The sadness of losing a snake.

Will Ferrell.

The joy and hope (and profit) a new baby snake brings.

The fact that even though it seems like my husband cares more about reptiles then his family, it isn’t true. (This one took at least 2 years for me to figure out).

Reflexively reaching out for any reptile going astray. (Thankfully I have yet to have a true bite from this).

Washing my hands all the time.


The idea that no matter how hard I try, I will never really know as much about snake/reptiles as my genius husband does.

The adorable angry war cry of a gecko.


The fact that my husband finds getting bit hilarious.


Likewise here is a list of things I have yet to grow accustom to…

The smell of snake poop.

Snakes peeing and pooping.

Being interrupted while blogging to hold yet another restless snake, ones that only seem interested in finding out the function of a nose and trying their hardest to get closer to my face to investigate. (I don’t mind the interruption too much, but the squirreliness, that gets to me a little more).

Meal worms.

Snake pee.

Neil Young.

Snake water.

Blood pythons.(I just don’t like them, I can’t figure out why).

Meal worms, before, during and especially after metamorphosis.

Getting interrupted while blogging to hold, with both hands closed around a chaotic gecko. The smaller they are the faster they go, “a rocket with feet.” As my husband puts it.

AND Lastly,

Urates, in other words snake pee.


Accustomed or not I do love him a lot!





One response to “I’ve grown accustomed to the snakes…

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