Framed Quilt Art with Qoute.

My creativity is getting better. This is exciting. I actually tried my hand at free quilting. I never quilt. Leaps and bounds, I tell you!

Recently, (ahem a couple of months ago, before juice was spilled on my computer) I made this…

It turned out adorable!

Here is what you need to make this;

Lots of fabric scraps, an old frame (the one I used was 5×7 ish, my mom and I found it at a garage sale last summer), and a cute card with a saying on it. My mom and I went to a little half antique, half vintage inspired decorating shop and found these cute cards with fun sayings on them. They had a variety of options, but you can definitely make your own. Just word doc whatever you want to say and then print on antique looking paper.

(You will also need a rotary cutter, sewing machine, thread, scissors, cutting mat, iron, iron board and two pieces of tape).

So the first step, if you are easily distracted, pick out your fabric scraps, but while you pick them out organize the rest of them.

I organized mine in freezer bags by color. For now.Very eco-friendly way to organize things….no, no it isn’t.

The first step if you are not the type to get distracted is to pick out the scraps without further organizing and cut the strips. (For those who got distracted, cut the strips for step two).

For size I used seven different 1 inch wide pieces of fabric. However, make them as wide as however many you want in the background. My mistake!!! If you see in the layout picture about I only have 6 fabrics, but in the final picture I have 7, this is because I did not allow for seams. I.E. Seam Allowance!!! Please don’t forget this. So if you want 1 inch strips, cut them 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 wider to allow for seams on both sides. Nice fat seams for sloppy, can’t sew in a straight line people like me. If you already are familiar with seam allowances, go ahead and cut them smaller.

For length you want to cut a good length longer then the frame to allow for imperfections. I did about 10 inches.

After you cut, but before you sew, lay out the different pieces to get a general feel of where you want everything to go. Then sew them together one at a time and iron the seams down or open, whichever you prefer. Since this is going in a frame it needs to be as flat as possible.So unfortunately ironing is a necessity here.

TA-DA!!! But wait….

It doesn’t fit…that’s right. There is my mistake staring me in the face.

Whoops. Thankfully I have all those scraps organized.

That’s better. Once all your pieces are sewn together, play around with the look in the frame and with the saying to see which angle you like best.

After playing around with angles for a while I realized I didn’t allow enough fabric for an angle look. So I went back to the original idea and decided on this look. I especially liked the chicken and the egg peeking out.

Now comes the touchy part. You will have extra fabric in length, so go ahead and mark of the edge of your frame.

Trim it down a bit and grab the back of the frame for measurement.Trim down a little more.

To keep my card in place as much as possible, I added some tape to the back and stuck it where I wanted on the fabric and put it all together.

Fair warning though, things are likely to shift a little bit when you put it together. As you can see my chicken and egg are off. Unfortunately I didn’t notice this until after the pictures were taken and the frame was packed up. I will fix it in my spare time one of these days.

That’s it! You can hang this on your wall or put it on the desk for a daily dose of inspiration!

Also, since practically, almost, quite nearly everything I used for this project came from my stash (excepting the card, but I didn’t think of the project until after I had it in my stash) I am joining this weeks Stash Bash with the Crunchy Catholic Momma.

Happy Creating!!


5 responses to “Framed Quilt Art with Qoute.

  1. It looks great. What a great way to use up those tiny little pieces you can’t bear to get rid. Thanks for sharing

    • Thank you Natalie, I really can’t stand throwing any fabric away and am always looking for ways to use the scraps. Maybe I should do a full quilt soon.

  2. Fantastic project. Looks so great and what a good use of scraps!

  3. You just gave me a wonderful idea for the quilt frames I have in my store. Made from old and well-used quilts I found in an estate sale, they look good, but apparently, people like to make their own. Here’s a way I can repurpose them into something different, more intriguing, without losing the impact of the handmade quilt swatch. Thank you for the idea. Great post.

  4. I really like this idea and am going to have to try it. I’ve got bags and bags of scraps!

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