Goose Vs. Snakes and other creatures.

I posted a while ago about our sweet kitty Goose, who passed last October due to over consumption. Of thread. For those of you who craft and have kitties, please be aware of the problem exposed thread holds and be sure to have preventative measures. My sewing machine was put away, but the thread portion is always exposed, making it especially hazardous, given the thread sits on a stick where it can just spin. That’s what happened. Poor poor kitty.

He had a great life, a great life full of sleep, love, play and mischief, lots of mischief.

After we moved the snakes were more accessible to the kitty cat’s wandering paws. He quickly figured out how to open the snake racks, push from behind and run to the front to wait. Thankfully no snake or kitty was hurt and we learned to close the room door. Unfortunately, Goose learned how to open the door. It wasn’t that hard, you just had to push very hard on it. He was a big kitty. Just look and see.

Big enough to open doors, small enough to fit in a shoe box. He had many talents. A very talented life. Oh Goose, ‘This world was never meant for one as, curious, as you”.

Hus curiosity was bigger than him. He just wanted to know so much about those snakes, mainly what they tasted like.

Not just snakes, though.

He had a fondness for fish too and ripped many holes in many pet store fish bags.

Like all kitty owners we encouraged him to explore his curiosity.

Like most kitties, Goose was so excited about the fish, he told a friend.

But once his friend had lost interest….

The fish didn’t seem as exciting anymore. So Goose moved on to bigger interests.

Mainly coyotes.

Oh Goose. What a curious cat!!!

We miss you all the time. Especially Snug.


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