Old Finds, New Post

Here are some fun household items I found at thrift and antique stores back in January. However, given my family is collectively talented and we all managed to help in spilling juice on the computer, the images stayed on my camera until very recently.

Finally, I have been waiting to find one of these. A nice glass juicer. It is in great shape and I can’t wait to use it this summer!

An egg beater. It needs some help. The bottom blades/routers need to be spruced up and the handle needs to be re-glaze. I was thinking of mod-podge, but I don’t think that can get wet, ever..

Good shape quart mason jars. You really can never have enough of these.

This fancy little spoon apron hanger. I am hoping to get more. Or figure out how to make them.

Plate, sick of the plate pictures yet? Oddly enough, it turns out we don’t have enough plates. Or bowls. Plenty of mugs though.

I found this at an antique store and I had to get it, it is reminescient of my scissor crazed snuggle bug. Who knows, maybe Wednesday will soon be her favorite day.

I found this lovely hand painted clock at the goodwill. It doesn’t work yet, it doesn’t have any batteries and also if you see in the bottom picture, the minute hand is lose. A hand which got looser by having caught the fascination of a certain little girl, who insisted on playing with it. Against my wishes. No worries, an easy fix sure enough. I haven’t had time yet, but I am excited about the project.

In other news, we moved!!! Hooray!!! So now all of my home collections are no longer in boxes and are now on shelves, in cupboards and in their right places. The results of my collecting; we have an fair number of plates, could use some more, we don’t have any small/dessert plates. Glasses are fine so far, bowls are needed, food storage containers are needed, of every variety. We lack all furniture aside from beds, two desks and a chair. That is about it so far, I have a list going.

In more news, it is earth day soon!! I love earth day! Don’t forget though, as fun as it is to be eco-friendly and sustainable on earth day, it is even more fun and beneficial to try everyday!!! Don’t forget the easy things, recycling, planting flowers out front (be sure to use flowers that are naturally found in your state), using a cloth towel instead of paper to clean up easy messes like water (please though, you should keep paper towels for when your sweet little doggy insists on going poop and pee in the house, just try and use paper towels made from recycled materials) and changing up your cleaning habits, using eco-friendly products instead of ones full of chemicals. You can eat organic if you want to, but their are easier, free changes you can do every day, which will be just as effective. For now.



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