Can snakes ice skate??

Last weekend was incredibly busy for my family. Last weekend Snug had her first skating competition, because why not? When they are so little and adorable and can only wiggle and swizzle, you might as well. Thankfully it was a fun competition for everyone and we made a new friend, which was the goal of the whole thing, to make friends. Not to win.

Which we didn’t. Win.  At all. She got last in both events and didn’t notice. She was a little bummed she couldn’t stand on the podium, but someone had to leave early and in the end, she got her picture on the podium. Pretty silly though, at this age the kids could care less whether they win or not, they did, however, love the colors of the ribbons. Most of them wanted ribbons that would match their costumes. Fantastic.

Bug had to miss out on seeing the competition, a big reptile show had come to town and it happened to fall on the same weekend, all the way on the other side of town from where the competition was. We live in the big city now and all the way on the other side means, about 35 miles or more, depending. Plus traffic.

The show was called Repticon and is a traveling convention, as it were, for reptiles and exotic animals. They have over 25 shows all over and are headed to Memphis this weekend, Salt Lake City the next and so it goes.

It was a very nice show, the first time we ever did this one. Since it is just the start of copulating season for our snakes we don’t have much to sell or show, so we shared a table. This shoe lasts two-days, as oppose to our average one day shows.

Bug spent Saturday at the show, with the help of my brother. Where they managed to sell lots of things.

Saturday night, we all dragged home, put an exhausted snug bug to bed and went and got the other animals ready that we would be taking to the show on Sunday. We have new display boxes, they are nice. They are from the, ahem…Container Store. This is relevant.

They are a nice hard plastic and come with pre-drilled ventilation holes. Our friend John uses these and they are beautiful. Plus dry erase paint markers work great on them. Sometimes, though you need to rubber band the lids down since they do not lock. Other times, a rubber band would have done nothing.

We packed up the snakes in our pretty containers, put them in a box and went to bed. Sunday morning brought lots of wind. After dropping off the snug, Bug and I headed to the show. The show was at the Arapahoe County Fairgrounds and if it is windy in town, it is crazy windy out there. Which it was. Bug and I parked and while I tried to gather our other things, he got the big box full of animals and set it on the bed cover of our truck. Did I mention how windy it was that day? Well it was windy enough, a big gust came up and flipped the big box into the air!! It landed, hard, top side down beside the truck. Whoops.

After a slight panic, we ditched everything else, grabbed the box and ran inside. Not literally ran, that would have been ridiculous.

Turns out our panic was no match for the snakes panic, especially that of the blood pythons. It also turns out that when snakes panic, they don’t die, thankfully, but they also don’t hold they stomachs very well. The whole inside of the box was covered in snake poop and all the pretty clean containers were too. It smelled horrible! I would have taken pictures, had Bug not looked so distraught. He is smart though and had brought along baby wipes. Thank goodness. The mess was cleaned up in no time.

Except something was amiss, or amissing. One of our small ghost corn snakes wasn’t in the box, wasn’t in the car and wasn’t on the ground anywhere. He was gone and we had no idea when, where, how or why. No clues where left, not eve a note.

Sometimes the snakes may think about leaving notes before they run away. Did you know that?

Sunday was a fine day after all and everyone had a great time at the show.

Fast forward to Wednesday. Wednesday consisted of laundry, library, oil changes, grocery store, gas station and skating.

Snug and I get the rink and meet our coach. I get our gloves out of the front compartment in my bag and ask our coach if we need any music. She says no, I agree and I go to zip up the compartment. I notice a pretty stripped band hanging out of the corner and go to grab it out-of-the-way of the zipper. The band moved on its own, which, surprisingly, made me grab more quickly. I knew right away who this was and showed our coach. She in turn, laughs, there was in fact a snake in my skating bag. It was, in fact, the ghost corn snake.

The other skaters weren’t quite sure what to say and I wasn’t quite sure what to do with the snake, which I confirmed with my coach when she asked me what I was going to do with it.

I didn’t know, I was just so happy I found him, or he found me. And I was relieved that he was alive, my bag had been in the car all day.

My coach being whole loving and quick thinking, offered up her coffee cup, which was in her car. We all trekked it out to the car. It wasn’t just any coffee cup though, it was her favorite and I am so happy to know someone, who is willing to use something they love to house a snake for an hour or two. It sounds silly, but it is true.

The lid was perfect! It closed while we were skating and after we opened it up to let in some more air.

So who is this little Houdini that only wanted to skate?

Any name ideas? Skatin’ snake, slytherin’, slither and slide, ghost, Sirius Black?

After skating Snug and I headed to the grocery store for a deli cup. They had cherries on special, in small deli cups, perfect! Another plus, Snug got to carry her friend in the coffee cup all through the grocery store. Which, in true four year old fashion, she tried to exclaim to everyone about.

Bug laughed at me when I showed him all the little holes I had made in the deli cup. Apparently it wasn’t necessary. The snake is so small and has such a slow respiratory system that it would have been fine in the cup by itself. Had I known this I wouldn’t have tried to hammer a nail hole in the side, slightly breaking the cup and then use a sewing pin to poke a hundred worthless little holes in the lid.

Always exciting. Hopefully this weekend will be a little more quiet.

Probably not.

Happy Slithering!!!


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