Those pyrex geniuses.

I hope Pyrex is eco-friendly. I mean beyond the plastic lid, the glass is incredible. It refrigerates, it freezes, it can hold scalding hot items well, it can microwave. It is one of the best alternatives to plastic Tupperware.

Recently I went on a hunt for some flour and sugar containers. I came up with nothing, unfortunately and my search will have to continue, rather quickly though, since I have started making homemade bread every other week, I go through flour a little quicker now and those bags just aren’t cutting it.

Anyway, I didn’t find any big food storage containers, but what I did find were these.

Oh my goodness!!! Look at the birds!! Look at the folk design! I love folk everything, folk music, folk-lore, folk design.

Design circa 1975.

There were two sizes in the ones I got. A large 8 inch one and a small 6 inch one. Those are estimates on size. They are a little interesting in their sealing though. This one pictured above is the large one, with a shallowed in lid to allow an easy closure for small hands. If you see on the glass jar there is an indented lip where the lid fits on. Also it is a screw latch system. Though I don’t know if that is the actual name, but instead of a full screw type system, with rivets going all around, this has four glass juts, which as you turn the lid will catch on the lids inside indents.

Definitely not an air tight seal, but I am impressed.

So what to store in this cuties??

For now apple dog treats (the ones we made for our Vet Theme). I will probably stick with fruits and more solid leftovers for a while. These are probably not ideal for soups and other liquids I might store. Who knows what liquids I will have to end up saving in this house.

I found these ultra-fun vintage Pyrex containers on etsy! At a shop called, Happenstance N Whimsy . Though I cleared them out of this type of Pyrex, they have tons of other great finds!

If you want to see more of this Pyrex, just make the mistake of searching, 1975 Country Festival Corning and find a ton of adorable items!

By the way, happy earth day!!! Snug and I have tons of gardening planned for this week and we are going to learn about mold and fungi in honor of earth day. Her idea, I wanted to do trees since Arbor day is next week. Guess we will have to do a mini-theme for trees this year.

Happy Pyrexing!!!


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