Greening up Easter / Minimizing Easter.

Easter was a couple of weeks ago but I wanted to get this post up before the subject of Easter grew icy cold.

When I was a kid, my Easter basket was filled to the brim, usually overflowing with presents, toys, but mainly candy, candy, candy. It has to be one of the bigger candy holidays, next to Halloween. My mom loves holidays and going all out on them, so it never surprised me that my basket was filled and I was always thrilled that it was, until I was about 13.

Around 13, all the stuff started to lose its flare. While it was still fun to get new clothes for Easter, and while the candy was still delicious, it was a little bit much. After high school and into college Easter wasn’t given much thought. We didn’t think much of it for the snug’s first couple of years.

Then there was the year Snug was three, last year,  we gave in to all the bunnies and baskets at Meijer. There was the giant purple rabbit, the hello kitty basket, already full of tons of surprises and candy. All the different fun egg-shaped candy! While it may not have seemed completely overboard to the general public, we went overboard to ourselves and promised that after the over stimulation of over processed candy and plastic wrap around cheap baskets that was that Easter, we would do it differently from now on.

This year was our first year to keep that promise. It worked out nicely. For the most part.

While we didn’t get to dye our eggs from natural scratch ingredients, such as, turmeric, beets, cabbage, etc, we did find an easy mix at whole foods.

However for the Easter basket and the gifts we dumbed things down, greatly.

Here it is! That is it. We borrowed one of Snug’s baskets that she already had (this particular basket is a fair trade one that I picked up at a fall craft sale), a giant pencil from Target’s dollar section (eco-friendly – no, really fun – definitely!), some plastic eggs we had from previous Easters filled with chewy bunny candy from whole foods (2-3 bunnies to each egg and only 4-5ish eggs) and a homemade knitted stuffed bunny.

Why buy a new basket every year, when there are usually so many lying around the house. Or if you don’t have any baskets handy, why not make one with the kiddo bear or use a makeshift basket. Or for a joke you could always decorate the laundry basket. Tiskit-taskit.

If being earth friendly isn’t your top priority, this Easter basket only cost us $5.23. All but $1 of that was for the chewy bunnies. Which were delicious and free of artificial colorings.

So what was Snug’s reaction to this somewhat “measly” looking Easter lot?

She was thrilled. She loved the bunny and the pencil and thought the chewy bunnies were delicious. She ate a couple bunnies and choose to save the rest, played with the pencil, was fascinated by the sharpener, and slept with the bunny for nights on end.

No over-stimulation, no over processed candy, no over-whelming abundance of candy options or toys. Simple, easy, done.

Not that the bunny was easy and fast. Well, it was easy and a simple pattern, published by Lion Brand. Bunny Pattern Link. The bunny is called the “Knit Little Bunny.”  Fair warning when you click the link, you will have to register with them to access the free patterns. All the registering does is sign you up for the weekly emails, that usually come very late on a Friday night.

Free and Easy and only slightly time-consuming. If you have a free afternoon you could whip one up.

Adorable and measures up around 8 inches from head to bottom, with a 3 1/2 inch ear length and a 7 inch arm span.

The little bunny tail is my favorite!!

The face you do in embroidery floss. My nose is a little silly and the whiskers took forever to match up, but otherwise I am very happy with the way it turned out.

As am I happy with how our plans for Easter turned out.

As for that “for the most part” part of the story. My mom did a great job not getting too exciting or getting too much for Easter. She crocheted an Easter Basket for Snug and bought a cloth doll from the Pottery Barns and threw in a lot of extra things. Also instead of candy hidden in her Easter eggs, she hid change. She did get pretty excited about this and put in a lot of change. So it goes though. She still loves holidays and isn’t thrilled that I am ‘taking the fun out of them.’ I like to think of it as bringing more meaning back into them. We will see in about 5 years when Snug has closer peers to compare holiday stories/gift brags with.

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