Sucrose’s Big Adventure!

A few weeks ago, a small female sugar glider wandered into my little family’s chaos. Unlike on Imgur, we did not find her out in the rain, or on our doorstep. However, we did find her in great need of food, comfort, a clean environment, and love. We have temporarily adopted this sugar glider, which I have named Sucrose. She is a soft sweet thing!

Being from Australia, Sucrose is naturally accustomed to lots of sun, warm weather, giant spiders and being upside down. This is what I have read, heard, and seen on Imgur. These past couple of days have been very rainy and cloudy, even for Colorado. We are on day 3 or 4 of not much sun and I expect some grumpy drivers when I go out later. Due to this rain and cold, Sucrose has been grumpy, tired and cold. Very cold. Or at least she has been acting that way. We have been taking her out in the late evening and with her safe in her little pouch house, we carry her against our stomachs and snuggle, as it were. We do this often and usually after an hour or so she warms up and is ready for a good meal. We wouldn’t usually try to make a habit of cuddling, just in case we are gone, however given Sucrose lost her mate due to insufficient care, she has no one else to help keep warm and is starting to get lonely.

Anyway, Friday night, was again, rainy, cold, a night made for cuddling. That is what we did. I carried her around and Bug and I rested in the living room. Bug suggested going into the bedroom to relax. It is not what are you are thinking. This is not that kind of blog. We just don’t have a couch. Or a table. We do have two chairs though. Since we don’t have really any comfortable place to sit except for the bed, we went there. Big mistake!

I, exhausted from being a mom, wife, striving sustainable home maker, etc., started to fall asleep. Bug, exhausted from working overtime for the past two months and basically working non-stop for the past four years, started to fall asleep. After him making many promises to get up and me poking lazily, we both fell asleep.

Anyone want to guess what happened next??

Well eventually, about an hour and a half later we woke up. Only to find the sugar glider pouch empty and Sucrose gone! This should be of no surprise to anyone. However, my husband, through all the years of his experience was incredibly surprised.

The hunt began! Thankfully the bedroom door had been closed and thankfully the fan was in front of all the giant open vents.

First we started on the bed, gently prodding pillows and pulling sheets around. Next we went to the snug’s bed and poked around. What a surprise that would have been for her! Lol.

Then we looked at each and looked at the closet. Haven’t you always thought that closets look like big trees, with lots of fun things to climb on.  I went out to get some grapes and the mealworms.

By the way, these are mealworms. You should keep them in the fridge, sealed, oh please keep them sealed! The warmer they are the more they move and when you pick one up it kind of twirls around until it finds your finger to crawl or latch on. Pleasant, right? I try to avoid picking these up always when I can.

We turned on the light in the closet and found this!!!

Not the grapes, I brought those in myself. See those two little brown lines. Sugar Glider poop. Sucrose had been here recently. We started slowly moving shoes, then the laundry basket, then the sock box. When suddenly!!!! A hat drops off from the top shelf in the closet.

I tell Bug to grab the stool, one of the two chairs, anything! He looks up at the top of the closet skeptically. Really, husband? How many mysteries have you listened to? (the answer is a ton). Don’t you know a clue when it hits you on the head? (The hat practically did).

He grabbed a chair and climbed up to look on the top of the closet. Was Sucrose there? Was the hunt over?


So he started handing me down hats and sheets for inspection. That is when I came across the third clue! One of the sheets had a tiny patch of warmth. She had been there recently. This sheet has known Sucrose’s warmth, I told him. He looked at me like I was crazy. Accordingly.

After the top shelf was clear, it was evident she had elusively escaped, once again. Bug sighed turned to look at the shirts and who was almost face to face looking at him, wondering what in the world he was doing and where the mealworms were. Sucrose of course. Hooray!!!!

After finding her, we took her into the kitchen for lots of grapes and mealworms. Veges could come later.

By the way, it is incredibly difficult to get a clear picture of her. Their mouths move at a super speed rate and it makes their whole face a blur. Also there was no way I was using a flash on those big nocturnal eyes.

Besides, I was afraid, after the night we had, the flash would have an effect similar on Sucrose as it did on Gizmo.

We couldn’t have a ton of gremlin sugar gliders going around. Look at their size!

Unlike Gizmo though, these guys are nocturnal, so you can feed them after midnight.

I am not sure about getting wet though. She does a good job cleaning herself. Oh look at that belly!

That’s the end of that hunt for now. Though today is another rainy, cold day.

I need to make her more pouches that zip.

Happy hunting!


2 responses to “Sucrose’s Big Adventure!

  1. Beautiful story! I hope you keep her! I’d love to hear more!

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