No Drive Days!

Ever since we moved and are now in the heart of Denver, I have implemented what I call, “No Drive Days” for Snug and I. These are days we stay home, or mainly days we do NOT drive our car. AT ALL. All errands are planned around these days. Usually there is only one a week, but if the weeks permits it, we have two.

So far they have been wonderful. We started this a little after we moved. We do have a playground within walking distance, as well as many other things. That is the point to living in the heart of Denver though, that tons of places are within walking distance.

Out of the 2 months that we have been doing this we have only missed a couple of weeks otherwise we have managed to get in one a week and this week I think we will get two! The days at home are wonderful, it gives us time to slow down, time to clean the house and mainly time to get some theme and school work done. It also helps spurt creativity, whether it means using another piece of fabric for that days project or modifying a recipe as I did with the recipe from,  From the Heartland to the Heart of the Rift.

So why do this? What is the point?

Well, 1. it means one less car on the road, which may not be a big deal some places, that are either less populated or have more trees than people, but neither of those is the case here in Denver. There are LOTS of people and while we may have a good amount of trees, in the mountains, there is also a nice good size chunk of smog you can see over Denver. 2. I got sick of driving everyday on errands that hardly made any sense to myself and I released I was just making busy work for myself and Snug. 3. It saves on fuel consumption and makes for fewer emissions overall. 4. It helps Snug learn to be less dependent upon cars, to make due and to effectively plan and organize work/errands that need to be done. 5. We just hit 80,000 miles on the truck and with living in sprawling urban environment, I am not itching to add-on to those miles.

This idea was inspired by Engines Off Colorado/Denver.

Image from Engines

Their main blurb is about idling, the  website has lots of great answers to common myths about idling. Myths that even I didn’t know the answers to, like the one about idling being good for your engine, it is not in fact. OR the one about how turning the car on and off isn’t really good for it. That isn’t true either, unless your car is from before the late 80’s. The website is well written and in good size, so you can take just a quick minute to check it out and learn all you need to know. Obviously you shouldn’t turn your car off when you are waiting for the light to change, or just sitting in traffic, but what about picking up your kids from school, just running in a shop for a second, waiting at a train crossing, chatting with a neighbor or friend for a bit. Things like that, all those times add up.

I added the info about idling, because maybe you have to drive every day, maybe it is your job to drive or your work is to far or you just don’t like public transit to work or ever or you have a whole other reason and because of one of these reasons, said or unsaid, you can’t dedicate one day to not driving. So maybe instead you could learn more about idling and how to limit the time you idle and with all these tiny efforts we will reduce the amount of air pollution we emit.

The air won’t get any cleaner for a while, but maybe it won’t get any dirtier either.

Happy not driving days!


One response to “No Drive Days!

  1. It also sounds like your No Drive Days have made you “trip chain”, where you do several errands in the same car trip, rather than making individual trips each time you need something. Way to go! 🙂

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