A four year old painting with light.

During Easter this past year, my mom thrilled that this was the first Easter she was getting to spend with her granddaughter, had her camera at her side and was dutifully taking many pictures. Snug was intrigued by grandma’s little camera, a Nikon coolpix, bright red in color. Snug has seen many cameras before, even this particular one, but for some reason, be it boredom, over excitement of the holiday, an ambitious feeling of discovery, Snug wanted to use the camera.

So we let her, why not? They are small enough for her to handle and it has a handy wrist strap. We gave her a quick run down, never take it off your wrist, no throwing, smashing, spinning, etc. and then we let her have full reign. The pictures turned out adorable. Though many were beyond blurry and there were over 300.

This will go down in history as the first thing she ever took a photo of. It is a pink Halloween bucket. Filled with dogs balls and a rock.

This next series is what I like to call “the journey of toes.”

Those little pigs can get in the way, as every true photographer knows.

I wish I knew what this was a picture of.

So much for the no spinning rule.

Fair warning; the letters are more clear the further you are from them.

There were about five different pictures of this stool.

And over 20 of these figurines at different angles and ranges. Sometimes it takes over 300 shots of the same thing to achieve that right look.

This is the start to my daughter’s humble photography portfolio. From small beginnings come great things. Eh?

Happy Picturing!


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