I LOVE Preserve!

Plastic is amazing and I hate it.

Please don’t work this into a logic argument, it would be full of fallacy’s, I don’t hate all plastic, and I certainly don’t hate everything that is amazing. It is just that I find plastic to be confusing, frustrating and leaching. (As in: plastic leaching out chemicals everywhere)(that is totally not how you are supposed to use that word).

Now, my kitchen and conscious can rest at ease. Thanks to the company Preserve, I can feel free to have the plastic I need and love in my home without all the unnecessary waste and hate. (I could make a commercial for this company, let me just get my pumps, pinup my hair and don my apron).

In all seriousness, Preserve is a company, that makes many, many great and varying products. From plates and cups, to knifes and storage containers, to toothbrushes.

Their motto is “Nothing Wasted. Everything Gained.” I like it. I first ran into preserve products at Meijer a couple of years ago and while I swooned over the display and colors and the promises of the label I was skeptical. I went home and did some research. I was convinced. Their products are 100% recycled from#5 plastics, they get their plastics from a program called Gimme 5. Typically you can find bins for this program at Whole Foods stores. What you can do or companies can do, is send in or throw in (to the bin) used #5 plastics and they will be sent to Preserve to be made into many super useful products.

“Choosing Preserve Plastic (in the form of a toothbrush or razor, for example) means a sizeable reduction in greenhouse gases emitted, and significantly less water, energy, oil, natural gas, and coal used in making {new} plastic.”

While yes there is probably still some waste involved and some chemical leaching in some form, it is a step in, what I feel, is a very good direction. Enough about the company though, lets talk products.

We desperately needed casual cups in my home, not wanting to go to the goodwill to pick over more glass, I did Preserve instead. Same story with the bowls. These are both dishwasher safe and very durable.

The bowls are very deep. Great for cereal, ice cream, beads, sorting activities, anything you need a bowl for.

My entire collection of Preserve cups and bowls. It is almost a requirement that nothing can match in my home. Also, I got the blue items 2 years ago at Meijer (minus a year of being in storage) they are doing great. Only one bowl is showing signs of wear and tear. So should I just throw it away?? No! I can send it back and they re-make and re-use it.

Please ignore the leftovers. Here are the storage containers I have, the sandwich container is on the left. The medium storage bowl, on the right. I am starting to get in a desperate state of need for more storage bowls, but the less storage I have the less leftovers have to hang out in the fridge……

Here are our current toothbrushes along with my only little, not important complaint. I bought a toothbrush for my husband and another for myself. The packages showed two different colors,  but upon opening they were the same! I am sure my husband knows which brush is his, so sure that I choose to completely ignore the idea of him ever using my toothbrush. There is a super cute kids line of brushes also, p.s.

The toothbrushes work great and once you are done with it, every three months or so, send it back in the package it came in. You don’t even need a stamp if you are in the U.S.A. Which reminds me, I believe all of their products are made in the U.S.A.

So now that I have convinced you, where can you go to get these amazing products? Their website for starters, Whole Foods, and most recently I have discovered Homegoods. I found this product there.

The small colander in yellow. (Picture from Preserve website, here, obviously, I can’t take pictures like this, I don’t even know where the picture ends and my page starts).

(Though you can only find it at Homegoods if the moon is in the right place with their shipments, it is worth a good try though because if you do find something, more often than not it is half price).

Along with all the products shown I also have a large red cutting board which is AMAZING!

There you have it.

Happy Plasticing!!

(I think I am supposed to put this here. I like to talk about things I love, but I have to love those things a lot to talk about them. My love can not be sold, in other words, Preserve did not pay me for this post and the mere idea of anyone paying me to post about somethings is laughable. My love is laughing, not my blog).

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