Yarn Olympics!

Picture courtesy of the LambShoppe.

My local yarn shop is hosting their own Olympics!

The rules: you can’t have started until the official Olympic opening ceremonies, the project has to include a new technique that you haven’t tried, and you must have the project complete by the closing ceremonies of the actual Olympics.

How exciting!!

So far we are almost a week into the Olympics and I haven’t done nearly enough for my project! Actually I am terribly behind.
My only goal, like many Olympians is to just finish. I don’t care about the prizes (and there are prizes) or anything, I just want the thing done.

I have 11 days. That’s a lot right?

What is my project, the greatest challenge?? The one that will bring me all the glory or my ultimate defeat??

A dinosaur sweater!

The snug  saw it in the shop and feel in love with it! I think it is pretty cool too.

The pattern is from Elsebeth Lavold. Book Twenty apparently. That is quite a lot of knitting books. The book contains tons of really, very cute patterns that seem simple enough. I will have to look into her other books.

I am not very far in….but since it is a kids sweater. We are of course doing a pink and purple dino sweater.

Ooo there we go, I am a little further along! (Sorry about the pictures I took them at night, trying to get this post up. Their pretty heavy, posts are.) (get it?)

The good news is, I have found something to do with that random wooden bowl I picked up a while back. The one with the unknown Russian tag. It works great as a yarn holding bowl, especially with the lip it has. It keeps the dust and dog hair off of my yarn which is perfect since my vacuum went out a week ago and I can’t decide whether to  buy another one or not. I mean do you really need vacuums and are they worth the energy they put out? I don’t even want to talk about HEPA filters, unless you have one strapped to your face you get more particle matter exposure walking out of your house.

The other good news is Ginger Beer, it isn’t really beer, at all. It is just ginger soda, ginger pop, ginger soda-pop?? Ginger-deliciousness! It really is very gingery, like ginger-ale times 10.

Back to the project, the new techniques for me will be actually making a garment, knitting from a grid pattern (intarsia), and knitting with colors. Different colors.

11 days left, eep! Here is the plan. Currently my back part is 13 centimeters.

8-2 Knit 12 more cm for the back and mark the sleeves.

8-3 Knit the sleeve section of the back, separate the stitches.

8-4 Finish the back, left side.

8-5 Finish back, right side.

8-6 Start front, up to dino.

8-7 Dino, dino, dino!!!

8-8 Oh more dino!!! (why did I choose intarsia!!)

8-9 Left sleeve.

8-10 Right sleeve.

8-11 Block, Finishing, finishing, finishing!!!

8-12 Complete finishing, final try on, and turn in the project!

Is that crazy??

I hope not. I am off to knit now, I got distracted last night by watching the Olympics and didn’t make any more progress last night, except for the bad pictures I managed to take!

Happy knitting!!!! (and Olympic-ing).

Quick Update!!! Today is Monday (8-6) and I am almost done with the back. I still have a few cm to go before I separate and do the separate sides. Hopefully I can get that done this morning. Fingers crossed!!! Or should I say needles crossed.


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