Things are only as complicated as we make them…


I am talking, preschool, kindergarten, reusable sandwich bags, time management, vacuums, lawns, and errands. Among other things.

Simple problems with simple solutions have turned complicated.

Now instead of having one local school, there are many schools, private, public, charter, prep, all offering the same, yet vastly different things. How do you choose which is best, yet affordable?

Now instead of packing up your lunch in a tin pail, things have become more efficient, light and disposable with plastic bags. They have also become more wasteful and toxic. How do you make a bag, less toxic, less wasteful, but still good enough to live up with current standards?

Now instead of a slow pace life, we are struggling to keep up, struggling to keep our kids up, and struggling to fill more and more into each day. How do you even start to slow down?

What kind of vacuum should we buy? Why does a HEPA filter even matter? People didn’t use vacuums for thousands of years, why should we use them now?

It should be okay that your grass is brown when you are in a drought that is becoming comparable to the one during the 30s. Right?

Recently and obviously from the above statements almost every decision my family has come to face has become exceedingly complicated. In all honesty this is all my fault. All of these simple problems have become harder and harder to solve because I have been learning more. Learning about the state of the U.S. education system, learning about excess waste, learning about how to change the way I do things, the way my family does things, in order to try to help the world, and to try to help ourselves.

More education on issues can make things harder, but in the words of Albus Dumbledore (J.K Rowling) “the time should come when you have to make a choice between what is right and what is easy.” That time has come. All of the issues I listed have very easy answers. They really aren’t even big issues, none of them are in fact. Many of them are so easy to solve as simple as a click away, a trip to the store, a Calender, a turn of the faucet. But these easy answers are not what is right.

Not right for me. Not right for my family and not right for the world.

So while I will have to find another purpose for the yard of PUL fabric I have, while I will have to wait yet another week to clean my already dirty house to find a solution that fits my needs and ideas. While I will have to make lists and tour multiple schools and turn in more than one application, and while I will have to keep fighting my landlord about their standards of grass coloring and the reality of the current drought. I will keep looking and researching until I find the answers to my issues that are the right answers, not just the easy ones.

Happy Searching!!!


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