Olympic dreams lost (yarn style).

So the sweater is going great. The intarsia isn’t that bad. Though I have about 10 bobbins attached right now.

But really the sweater is going really great, using up lots and lots of yarn.

That is where I ran into trouble. I ran out of yarn, I ran out of time and I ran into trouble.

Ever since the olympics stared our schedule has been jam-packed! Absolutely full, enough to the point beyond exhaustion and confusion. My house is a mess, only partially due to the vacuum situation, I have paper work up to my ears, my email inbox is so so full, there has been so much drama with the snug bug’s new preschool that I can hardly keep up (emotionally and knowledgeably), it was my mom’s birthday, her favorite quilt shop hop (in which I lost an entire knitting weekend due to shop hopping with her and driving all over greater Denver, spending entirely too much money on overly adorable fabric). (GASP) The kitchen has been a continual mess, we have potato beetles coming in from who knows where, we somehow acquired two short tail opossums, we have been trying to learn about flamingos for a month now and we are behind on our letters.

Oh time.

Now onto the yarn. I knew the shop didn’t have enough yarn. I just knew it when I started this project and it was the intuitive knowing that made me continually avoid looking over to the shelf to check the supply of yarn. I kept avoiding it, until last Thursday, when I knew I needed more yarn. I am supposed to have 6 violet skeins, I had 3. When I finally decided to be brave enough to attempt to get the rest of the yarn, they only had 1 skein. I needed two more. It was Thursday, the Olympics were going to end on Sunday. Uh oh!

I immediately went home, googled yarn shops in my area, and since I am in the big city, there were tons and tons of results. After calling over 22 yarn stores I came up with nothing. No one, except for my local yarn shop, sells the yarn I needed. Off to the internets I went! I found one shop, online, that only had 2 skeins of the exact color and yarn I needed. Was it the same dye lot?? Are you crazy? Of course it wasn’t!!! But there weren’t very many options and I bet the dye lot I have is long gone! Purple, is going to be purple, is purple.

Now it is Monday night, the Olympics ended yesterday and my yarn still hasn’t arrived. While this was probably my only yarn Olympics and while I was very far from triumphant, there are many things I learned and realized on my Olympic journey.

-I have little time for myself, because I make little time for myself.

-Summer is always crazy, especially near the end.

-I need to write/finish blog posts as they come to me, or else I cool off too much and completely forget my point. Shucks.

-I need to get more sleep. Starting right now.

Where there is defeat there is glory, I just sewed my first quilt block. It wasn’t a complete disaster, considering I don’t have a pattern for it, just a very small sketch. Thank you husband for the measurement help. The other glory, I only need to make 4 blocks in total for the little quilt I have to finish by (ahem oh geez) Thursday night!!!

Happy defeat!

P.S. I just got an email from Fresh Step kitty litter (we used it once when Goose was a kitten and I was trying to coupon), they wanted to wish my little kitty a happy birthday. 😦 Just like the snug bug says, “Oh I had a cat!!! (and then with a huge change in tone) but he died.” Olympic defeat followed by dead cat reminder. Hope to have more cheerful posts tomorrow.


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