Bread, Bugs, Borscht, Blocks, an overall brilliant B day.

This morning I was thinking of writing a post, it was 7am, the snug was asleep, I had lost of procrastination time on my hands, but wordpress just didn’t want to cooperate. So my letter A post didn’t happen, and no post was going to happen, until I got an email from the Catholic Crunchy Momma. The Catholic Momma had a post linking up with Frontier Dreams and I decided to join the fun.

This week has been crazy and the crafts and everything in the title that starts with B has kept me going and is keeping me going. Sometimes faster than expected.


We made bread this afternoon. I am looking for the perfect recipe for my family. This is the start of a simple white bread (with a tad more butter).

The snug helped. We bonded. I felt better about our lack of sensory activities.

It turned out lovely. I got to give a loaf to my mom, which is very helpful in testing recipes. I patted this bread this time. Wasn’t thrilled with the look, compared to rolled, but I am sure it will be delicious! This recipe hunt will be a long work in progress for me.


This little fellow here is a horn worm. Out in nature, you know off the internet, outside the house, these guys are usually green. Captive they are blue. Well the are blue out in the wild, but their bodies take in the carotene in leafs which is yellowish and that turns them green. Scientist away!!

Sucrose likes them a lot. Look at that balance! We got them at a recent reptile show, the opossums like them too.

The other bug we are dealing with is the potato beetle. Those are not by choice though and are not contained. Horn worms not a work in progress, potato beetles, definitely.


The snug and I are learning about the letter B, this (ahem) week (read weeks). We came across this book at the library. The Princess of Borscht by Leda Schubert. It is adorable and has a recipe on the back. The snug was thrilled and insistent that we make and try borscht.

We did, after a second trip to the grocery store. It was delicious.

It was beautiful. My friend said tonight that “beets are the candy of the vegetable world.” I believe she is right.


I also got around to filling my spice rack today. Since we had to go back to the store to get dill.

We went to Whole Foods, they have a nice supply of bulk spices.

Very pretty.


Here is my biggest work in progress and the thing that is keeping me going the fastest this week. This cute little quilt. I have never quilted, I have helped my mom, but never have I ever done it myself.

So far, so good. The blocks are the right size. I only needed four of them. That piece of paper is NOT going to stay there. I have to do a homemade applique, tomorrow.

This was the most complicated one. My mom came over to help me with it. She loves quilting. I definitely needed help. Especially since the blocks I chose didn’t have patterns, only drawings.

I have until Friday to finish this little quilt. Then I have until next Wednesday to finish these.


Blankets and lots of them. All of them for various babies, along with baby books and burp clothes. Look at all the B’s that keep sprouting up!

There is a lot still to be done and a lot of B fun still to be had!

Happy Crafting!


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