Harry Potter Day!

I love September, especially since I have deemed September 1st to be Harry Potter Day.

I have that kind of authority. At least in my family.

For those of you who might not know, every year on September first all the students of Hogwarts board the Hogwarts Express at platform 9 3/4’s and head to school for another year. Every year.


Every year since I started reading the books, (1999 I was about 12), I have gotten excited about September first.

This year I wanted to do something. This year, I wanted to make food.

Thanks to the Unofficial Harry Potter Cook Book by Dinah Bucholz I had tons of recipes to choose from.

Unfortunately, this post will not contain any recipes, since it isn’t my book. However, I have a ton of pictures, something this book does not have.

For Breakfast we started with a very modified English Breakfast. Sausage patties and peaches and Fried Tomatoes (page 108).  The tomatoes weren’t bad, really quite different, I don’t favor the texture of a cooked/fried tomato, but I didn’t mind it as much this time.

Skip the rest of the day and insert dinner. We had corn on the cob, Buttered Peas (page 128), Mashed Parsnips (page 99), Herby Roast Chicken (page 88) and a lot of desserts, which I will get to in a few lines.

The herbs on the chicken were good, thyme, sage and parsley, but not what I typically use. In fact I had none of them, I mean, I do now, but before. The peas, were peas, are peas. The parsnips were a lot sweeter than expected. I think I would like parsnips IN something, but by themselves, they were a lot for me. However, this was the first time I have ever encountered a parsnip.

I have never encountered an parsnip, let alone many parsnips, that would necessitate me to make mashed parsnips.

Whoops wrong movie. Anyway.

On to my favorite part.


Aren’t they beautiful!

First up, Custard Creams (page 194), courtesy of Fred and George Weasley. They were delicious, not at all what I had imagined custard creams to be.

Pumpkin Pasties ( page 39). Erm. Well. Sort of. We aren’t really into pie crust at my house and so we get very little practice with it. They were incredibly delicious and I had tons of leftover pumpkin, with which I made pumpkin bars.

Treacle Fudge (page 58).

Wow. This fudge makes me forget everything. Literally. All I can think about is fudge. This fudge. It is my new go to recipe. Christmas party, treacle fudge. Potluck, treacle fudge, every day for the rest of my life, treacle fudge. Just kidding on the potluck part.

Siriusly though. That fudge almost made me forget the last thing I made.

Chocolate Frogs.

They’re adorable.

These ones are not enchanted, nor were they in the cookbook, but these guys are the only reason we have chocolate frog molds.

I hope everyone else had a wonderful September 1st.

Maybe next year you can throw a Hogwarts feast of your own.

Also, there are two other Harry Potter cookbooks, did you know?

Both by Gina M. Meyers, I am going to have to look into these. Not to mention all the recipes on the internets!

Coming up: October is bringing a month of butterbeer experiments.

*All photos of the cook books are courtesy of Schuler Books & Music.

Buy real. Buy local.

Happy Harrying!

Or Neveileing.

Or Weasleying.

Or Hermioneing.


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