Duct Tape and Dog beds.

Whew, finally a new post!!! Who knew preschool made everything so busy?

The topics in this evenings post are left over from the summer. I have accidentally been sitting on them, as many other things and now, unfortunately, the pile under me has gotten quite high!

The first is concerning duct tape.

Duct tape is not typically my crafting medium. Though once last year,  Snug and I made flower pencils. Here I’ll go take a picture….

Simple enough, all you have to do is wrap the body of the pencil and for the top, just turn some rectangle pieces into triangles on one end, using the extra sticky side to attach around the top of the pencil, layer and done! You do lose all use of the eraser though.

This summer, a friend of mine invited Snug and I over for an afternoon of duct tape crafting! We made bags.

They turned out cute! My friend’s turned out even cuter, she had gotten some super cute cupcake duct tape. I just used what we had lying around.

Come to think of it, we had a ton of duct tape lying around. Why do we have so much duct tape, yet do so little duct tape crafts????

OH wait we did make dinosaur feet that one time……..

Out of tissue boxes, no less!!!

Back to the bag though, we were able to provide duct tape and my friend was able to provide a grand amount of expertise! She once made an entire dress out of duct tape!

It was a fun-filled afternoon and a great, slightly challenging project! Here is the pattern, if you want to make a bag yourself! Though be forewarned, it does have weight limitations.

Now onto the dog bed.

The poor dog, without a bed.

He’s never had one, it never seemed to be an issue, until we moved into a house without any carpets, without any couch, without anywhere for a little puppy to rest his bones. He tried making his own solutions for a while.

My bed….

Neglected laundry baskets…..

My bed again…..

Anywhere he would be able to curl himself up into the tiniest ball and fall asleep. Dreaming of a place of his own.

Well, after kicking him off the bed and out of the laundry baskets so many times, her started looking at me like this…..

I sighed and finally went out and picked up a simple dog bed pattern (McCall’s 6455) and some fleece.

In one small afternoon, I made my dog very, very happy.

He loves it! He was very excited and I only had to tell him once it was his and to go lay down. He knew right away.

So sweet! He is laying on it right now too! Sweet puppy dog!!!

(P.S. Our dog is very thin and always has been, we had been playing around with food and have finally found one that actually sticks to him! I am happy to say he is currently at a very healthy weight and you can no longer see his ribs jutting out. This bed and these pictures were taken before we figured the food out).

Happy ducting and go out and make your dog a bed, it is a million times less expensive than buying one and very much appreciated!!! Also it is a great starter project!!!

P.P.S. This bed is the size medium in the pattern, our dog is now 40 lbs. Also plan on buying at least a few bags of filling. The fluffier the better! Also, also, the bed has Velcro on the back and an inner lining that you put the fluff into, meaning you can take off the outer fleece cover and wash it once it is too doggy.


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