The Dinosaur Sweater!!!

I finished the Dinosaur Sweater that I had been knitting for the Yarn-Olympics.

As you may recall though, I did not finish in time to qualify for any prizes. Due to yarn complications and time restrictions my Olympic dreams were lost!

However, back in September, I did finally finish the sweater. It is cute! I love it! Really not sure how the snug feels about it though. She seems indifferent, leaning on not liking it at times. She is also in an odd ‘fashionista’ phase right now, so I am trying not to take it too personally. Either way, the point is; the sweater is done, it fits AND I finally learned a proper mattress stitch.

Blocked sweater

Here is the sweater when it was blocked. I had never blocked before this point. I did the recommended wet dishcloth and iron technique with t-pins, on a towel, on my bed. Very professional. I did not do the ironing on my bed, that I did on the kitchen counter, with a different towel.

(Good news, I got a ironing board for christmas, the first one I have ever owned!)


This is the sweater being put together before I knew what a mattress stitch was. Erm, I did not go back and fix these seems.


This is the “franken-stitch” I had been doing before I knew what a real mattress stitch was. What a mess!!!! At this point I looked down at my work and knew there had to be a better way.


You Tube saved the day!!!


I sincerely almost cried when I pulled the thread and everything came together so beautifully!



Absolutely wonderful!!! My very first sweater/garment/big project complete!

Happy knitting! (And finishing!!!)


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