Cookies and Coffee: Mexican style (recipes in progress).


It was pretty cold this weekend. Single digit cold. Negative digit cold. All the conifer trees sparkled with frost cold.

Since the holidays are over, I am over hot chocolate and apple cider. It is January, it is cold, it is dark, and the stress is up. I need something a little stronger.

Coffee it is! But how to make it hotter?? Tequila, no. That is disgusting. Kaluha, no. I have a child to care for and I have errands to run. Cayenne pepper, YES! In coffee?? YES!!!

Now this coffee is a recipe in progress. I thought about it forever. I schemed and dreamed. Tonight I tried it out for the first time and loved it. It needs doctoring, but mainly on a personal level.


First make some coffee and gather your supplies. However much milk you want, with respect to how much coffee you will want. A 1 oz. square of white chocolate and some cayenne pepper, in a test tube. (Test tube optional).


Take a knife and finally shave the white chocolate and gather however much cayenne you will want. This is about an 1/8th of a teaspoon. I would recommend a little less than this.


In a very small saucepan, the cutest one you own. Put the milk, white chocolate and cayenne pepper in, heat on medium and whisk together. I heat until the milk is steaming and the bubbles hold whilst vigorous whisking, but long before boiling, do not boil the milk. Or scald it, be nice and watch over it.

Pour the coffee into your mug and add the milk concoction.

Enjoy with some Mexican hot chocolate cookies, recipe courtesy of Martha Stewart.


A quick note about the cookies. I didn’t completely follow the instructions. Instead of rolling my cookies in the cinnamon/chili powder mixture. I added the cinnamon and chili powder to the batter, along with some cayenne pepper. Then I rolled the dough in sugar, with a hint of cinnamon and a smidge of cayenne.

The cookies are so much better with these additions INSIDE the cookie.

However, be warned, the coffee recipe is, again, a work in progress, it is delicious, but maybe you want more white chocolate, less cayenne, or more white chocolate and more cayenne, or maybe more coffee, or no coffee. It is up to you. The recipe is not flawless, and combined with the cookies it creates a nice bite.

They are delicious though and a nice change after all the holiday sweetness.

Happy coffee-ing!

P.S. I dreamt of this coffee all weekend, but wasn’t able to get to it until this evening, which means 2 things. 1. I drank coffee at 5pm, I might be up for a little while longer. 2. It was very dark already outside, which left me with indoor lighting, nothing in the pictures is as yellow as it seems. Just think of this as a throwback inspired post, real life instagram as it were.


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