Antique Knitting. (and cookies)

My husband’s grandmothers birthday is coming up. Being I have never made anything for her. I figured it was due time.

It took me a while to figure out what to make, but finally after much husband discussion I decided upon a shawl. But, which shawl! There are so many awesome patterns! I finally found a vintage pattern, on Free Vintage It is called the Country Club Shawl.

Here is the picture they have to go with the pattern.


Beautiful and simple. The pattern looked easy enough, just four lines with the second and fourth being purl rows.

Oh how deceived I was. Here is what mine looked like after 2 sets.


Just like the pattern, right??


Nope. Nothing like it. This is a jumbled mess and worse still, the pattern started with 114 stitches, at this point I was at 45!!!!

So naturally, I panicked! I had messed up the pattern again ( I had already restarted once). So I pulled it out, went to and headed to the forum, posted the patterns and desperately searched for an answer. The posters on Ravelry were so, so kind and helped me see the error of my stitches.

I was doing the increasing completely wrong! If you look at the pattern you will see it says, “* P 3 tog, K 1, P 1, K 1 into next st, repeat from *”. The K1, P1, K1 are all done into the SAME stitch!! Who knew! Brackets people!!

I breathed a sigh of relief and started again.


Things are going swimmingly now!

I have not yet mentioned the coolest thing about this super (now) simple shawl.


The yarn. It was made the same year the pattern was and is one of the recommended yarns for the pattern.


It is very pretty and incredibly light. I managed to snag 9 skeins off of etsy for about $20 with shipping.


Now for the cookies!!

Oh cookies! I have a cookie problem. Like, seriously.


Apparently I also had a peanut butter problem. Two of these are open. ( P. S. Justin’s peanut butter is the most amazing peanut butter I have ever EVER had in my life!).

Unfortunately on Saturday I had clearly stated that I would not be making any more cookies for at least a week. I had, in the past two weeks, made two loafs of homemade bread, corn bread, Mexican hot chocolate cookies, Valentine cookies, chocolate chip cookies, and there is one more thing I am forgetting.

On Sunday morning I woke up with an email in my inbox. Oh, One Ordinary Day had a new blog post, how exciting. Hmm Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, just like peanut butter cups you say??? Done. I was done. I had to make them.

And so I did.


Though the picture may be terrible. The cookies are AMAZING!!!

Wow. I have eaten so many. I ate so many cookies I went to bed at peace last night.

Outrageous. Here is the link to the Ordinary day recipe. The recipe originally came from the Cowgirl Chef.


Happy knitting, baking, eating, and sleeping!

P.S. This is important!!!! My mistake moment!!! I forgot to mentioned the struggle and risk taken in using old yarn. Here are three things to watch out.

1. Month damage, yuck, strands everywhere. They just eat in a straight line and do not, typically, like to unwind the yarn and eat it like spaghetti. Rude.

2. Lot color, obviously. Lucky for me only two of these skeins are from a different lot.

3. Fragile, fragile and yet very strong. You have to be super choosy with the project and who it goes to when using vintage yarn.




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