Recycled and DIY Valentine’s Pencils.

For this weeks stash bash I am sharing some Valentine’s pencils. Not only are these a different kind of stash bash, they are a perfect class gift!

(Visit the Crunchy Catholic Momma to see other awesome stash bash ideas!)

Who has about 1 million office supplies floating around their house?


Just me??

While the snug and I were picking out valentines in, ahem, January, we found these cutie pies.

Spoonful Valentine's Ideas.

Spoonful Valentine’s Ideas.

Now the original plan was to use paper supplies we already had and to get some awesome super eco-friendly smencils. They are pencils that smell. They are awesome! They have pens to! They call them smens. Swoon!

Then we hit a slight fiscal cliff in the household, due to jobs or lack thereof  and had to change the plan.

Here comes the office supplies part. While mulling over the pencil predicament, I remembered all of the random un-sharpened pencils we had just hanging around. So I thought, why not use those and make them super valentine’s cute?

That’s what we did!


First grab a bunch of pencils, old Halloween ones, Young Americans Bank, old Garfield, etc. You will also need paintbrushes and craft paint.


Also painting tape, or masking tape, or frog tape. Frog tape is crazy strong! Actually don’t use frog tape, it might pull the eraser off the pencil.


Take a small square of tape and place it at the base of the metal/eraser portion.


Wrap it around to cover and protect.


Next, get messy!!! Have your little snug bug paint away!


We definitely had to do two coats! Tip* Sponge brushes soak up an incredible amount of paint! It might be better to use a different type of brush.


First coat….


Second coat! Light glare! I really need to start using a real camera and not my phone to take pictures.


Once they are all dry, it is time to personalize! We did hearts and names!


We couldn’t just leave it at that though.


These pencils needed sparkles!!!


One coat does great, though the picture doesn’t do it justice.


There that is a bit better. HA! We did a dozen or so of these pencils, one for each kiddo in the snug’s class. For privacy reasons I didn’t take a picture of all the finished pencils.

Now, if only we could get around to finishing the owls. We still have to glue the eyes on and write on them. Thank goodness we still have a week.

Oh and a couple of eco-nit-picky notes. Is spray paint faster? Yes. Is it more effective? Yes. Is it child friendly? NO! Is it earth friendly? It really depends, while there are many low-impact spray paints, they aren’t too easy to find, I have looked. So while spray paint may give those pencils a flawless sheen, don’t forget the cost of wasted experience, resources, aerosol, and joy of painting pencil after pencil by hand.

Happy Valentine Crafting!!!




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