Rugs and Washcloths: Monthly Projects: January

In a desperate attempt to make my crafting more productive I have come up with some, reasonable goals.

One of those goals is to make more things for myself/my family. Do you ever find that while you love creating and crafting and giving, often times you are only doing things for other people? I have been knitting for over 4 years now and sewing for about 3 and have only made myself a small handful of things. My house doesn’t have much to show either.

That is not very eco-friendly or sustainable. So this year I have decided to make at least two things every month that is just for the house. Here is where the creative part drops off. I will only be making rugs and wash cloths. One for each month. We live in a house with only wood floors and we have three rugs. Well, now four. Also, we are running out of wash cloths.

For January’s rug, I finished up a rug I had been working on for almost a year.


It is a super simple pattern, K3, P3 and vice versa on the other side. However there are a few challenges, that made this easy project not so easy.


It is made using cotton yarn and to make it super strong you knit two strands of the yarn.

This makes the rug strong, but the project heavy. About 5 inches into it my wrist started cracking. I had to get the special bright blue knitting gloves to wear while I worked on the project.


The other challenge was the yarn. I really wanted to use this recycled cotton yarn I had found, but of course I couldn’t find enough, so instead of thinking ahead and altering the pattern, I went with the general directions. Thus giving me a square rug, with a dual color bind off.

Mistakes, mistakes, mistakes.

At least this rug is done and our kitchen finally has one rug. On to bigger and better rugs.


The wash cloth I did for January was a snowflake pattern I had found on ravelry. It is a free download and super easy. Here is the pattern from the Life is Good blog.

The shape is a bit different then I was expecting.

There you have it, January’s projects.

In other news. Here is what the snug and I spent our afternoon making.


A solar system out of felt! All the felt is glued down. You take little balls and cover them with foil, then add velcro and WHAM! A super space meteor game!


I love eco-felt! Look at all the happy information on that label!


Also, here is a terrible picture of what we had for dinner. It is still Mardi Gras season, but I figured we could try to get a jump-start on Lenten season.

Happy Crafting!!



5 responses to “Rugs and Washcloths: Monthly Projects: January

  1. I admire your ‘craftiness’.

  2. I know that feeling, that sometimes I look around me and wish I had more of my makings in use in our house. So, yes you should make lovely things for your home – looking forward to seeing pix of them on your blog too!

    • Thank you, I am so excited to do it!!! I used to think it was so selfish, because it would take precious time to make things and when I wasn’t making things for other people it felt wrong, like I was wasting time. Now though, I have completely stopped buying things that I could make, and am using my money and resources to make those things instead, i.e. rugs and washcloths. I hope you get a chance to make more things for your home!

      • Thank you – I’m certainly going to try and make some more time. I’ve just got a few projects for a friend and my mum to finish off, and then I’m going to make a start. Going to be a table cloth or re-covering our old eiderdowns. Happy making to you!

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