Valentines for the Children’s Hospital!

For the past two holiday seasons my daughter and I have been making cards for the children at out local children’s hospital. Which is huge and beautiful. This past season we got her class involved and the kids had a wonderful time, thinking about the kids in the hospital and how happy the cards would make them!

This year we decided to do Valentine’s day also. Given that is what Valentine’s day is all about.

HA! Never mind, I can not back the statement up. Turns out St. Valentine is mainly known for his tomb and his date of death, Feb. 14th. Not much else is known…

Anyway, we will just say it is a nice thing to do, fun too.

We made lots of homemade cards, but I wanted to do something a little more. Since you can not donate food or candy, we thought an easy craft would be the next best thing. I saw some valentine lacing cards and thought that would be perfect!


All you need is card stock, a hole punch, stickers and some yarn. We cheated a bit with the card stock, my mom had found some blank heart-shaped cards. We just cut those in half.


Using a hole punch or paper punch, start at the bottom edge of the heart and as even as you can punch around the edge.




You end up with lots of festive confetti!


Nest get your stickers. We had some felt heart ones lying around.


Decorate your heart.


Now the string. We used cotton yarn, due to allergy concerns. Cotton is the best option if you are giving these away. No one likes a wool rash!


You should do a sample one, to see how much yarn you will need and what color looks best.


Wrap the string around the heart and tie! Ta-da! Done!!! It takes about 10 minutes max to make a big group of these! SO easy!!!


Our children’s hospital was very excited to receive these!

If you don’t have time to make and deliver valentine’s there is always another holiday. OR as the volunteer coordinator gently reminded me yesterday, you don’t have to wait for a holiday to stop in with goodies.

Also, most Children’s hospitals have wishlists posted on their websites. Things they need, for the kids. Almost always they are super simple and cheap. Markers, crayons, board games, etc.

Happy Giving!!


One response to “Valentines for the Children’s Hospital!

  1. You and your daughter are treasures to the planet!

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