The Cutest hat I have ever made and other Thursday happenings.

First the hat, which also happens to be my stash bash entry for the week with the Crunchy Catholic Momma. It is adorable and came from the Winter Interweave Knits magazine! I will show you what the hat was supposed to look like.


Leafed hat and link to pattern.

It is beautiful. I say “supposed to” because this was my first hat in the round I had knitted by myself. I had only made one other hat in a class. Also I was watching Pysch. It was the sleepover marathon, which meant awesome, but scary episodes and I had to start the hat over twice. In regards to all of that, I messed up the brim a bit. It is hardly noticeable but it did make the edge a little more ruffley than intended.


All said and done though. I am extremely happy with the way it turned out. This is easy given I live life without expectations.  It is a super fast pattern and I got to use some of my stash yarn. A less-then one skein wonder for sure!

The yarn I used was “Stitch Nation Full o’ sheep” in honeycomb. I had picked it up on super sale!

Now to the rest of Thursday. Last night and this morning it….


So we stayed at home.



Made apple chips.


Burnt some cookies.


Started a batch of iced coffee. In winter. I know.


Look at all this happy information!!!! RAC FTW!!!


Made play dough popsicles. Thank you Seeking Shade for the idea, you literally turned the day around at its most desperate point.


and found some storage for our bulk ten bean soup.


The jar is a spaghetti sauce jar. Cleaned and label removed.

Upcycling, super simple stuff!

Happy Thursday and Happy stashing!


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