Spring Viewed Vicariously through a Child’s Photography.

It snowed a lot today. I think the blizzard warnings just lifted a bit ago.

While I love the snow, completely, there needs to be more of it. I have started to wander toward spring and summer plans. Which is troublesome in February, given he can be a troublesome and lingering month, as seen in Light boxes by Shane Jones.

Last spring, the snug happened to snag a camera, again, for entertainment and took a lot of lovely pictures. A ton of blurry pictures too. Here are some of my favorites, I hope they help you think of spring.

235 236244273286289293302304349

*Note: When the snug took these pictures I was around the whole time. For those pictures with the knife. We were making dinner. Dinner, by the way, was Penne a la Betsy. It was delicious!

Happy Dreaming!


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