A Summer Without Camp.

Funny I just wrote about spring and now I am on to summer. This subject has been bothering me for a month though, so here it goes….

It is interesting how things have changed. I can remember all the times I went to summer camp when I was young, it was that rare. I think in my whole life I went to summer camp about 4 times. It was awesome!

Now, however, there are more camps than I can wrap my head around. There are publications and websites out specifically about finding the right camp.  That is what you are supposed to do with city/suburban kids in the summer now, send them to camp. Every week a new camp costing anywhere from $90-$400+ a week!

For the past couple of years I have been browsing, looking, finding, applying and paying for various summer camps. We started with the mommy and me ones and then last summer the snug started doing camps all by herself. She did three. This year I was planning on capping it at four or five. Four or Five!!! That would be four or five weeks! Summer only last about 10 weeks! What in the world was I planning for the summer after this?

Coming in at the tune of around $260 a week for each camp, it would be at max, $1,300 for all the camps. That is a good chunk of money for us. Unfortunately here in Denver the demand for camps is high. Most of the camps open up their admission in late January. Which was bad news for us, since the bug had just lost his job. By mid-February all the camps we were looking into were sold out. There were some scholarships available, but we found out too late.

So after much, conflict(?), we decided that we obviously weren’t going to be able to do any summer camps this year. Even if we did come up with the money and there were openings we have decided against summer camps for now.

This is good and bad for a few reason:

Good: The snug will be starting school full-time in the fall, this will give us a chance to really hang out.

Bad: The snug loves camp and while we will have many play dates, I can not guarantee the amount of socialization.

Good: We will have us a traditional summer, filled with gardening, hiking and family stay at home adventuring.

Bad: Most of our friends are completely booked with summer camps.

Good: We will be able to do lots of themes and see the greater Denver area.

Bad: We will be sick of each other very quickly.

Good: We will find ways to get around being sick of each other and it will be hard to separate once summer ends.

Bad: The snug really love camps.

Good: The money we saved from not signing up for summer camps we can use for cheaper/cooler family activities. Zoo sleepover anyone?

Extremely Good: Hopefully, next year and in the future, she will appreciate camp more when we can afford to go.

Extremely Good: The snug has an amazing mom (me) who is going to make this summer AWESOME!!!

Obviously kids do not need summer camps, but yet maybe they do. Summer camps are awesome and bring lots of opportunity and freedom. Oh the conflict!

My point is, we are not going to get discouraged, we are going to be piling ideas all summer long for eco-friendly, budget friendly, earth happy and overall awesome play!!

First off the summer bucket list…..we need a plan!

Happy summer dreaming!!!


One response to “A Summer Without Camp.

  1. I’m sure you guys will have a fabulous summer at home in Colorado, camp or no camp!

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