Sustainable Project # 1: Stuffed Pigs!

Hooray it is April! Hooray Easter is done! Hooray, only wonderful, non-commercialized Earth day is coming up! I love Earth Day! I love Earth Day, every day!

In honor of spring, earth day, April, the wind, sustainability and all things reasonable, natural and respectful, I am planning on doing more and more sustainable projects! You will be able to note them easily by the title! These will be upcycled, recycled, bicycled (kidding) projects that are reasonable and more importantly sustainable!!! Sustainable meaning, they will use the absolute least amount of new materials (usually only thread) and will in (hopefully) no way produce more waste.

Some of these projects will be of my own creation, but many will be things I have been itching to make and can’t wait to share, created by many fantastic people.

First off, a long anticipated project, by one of the aformentioned people!!



“Jillian, Jillian, Jillian Jiggs, Maker of wonderful, marvelous pigs!”

I picked this book up about a month ago at a used book sale, it was one of my favorites when I was a kid, though I could only remember the adorable pigs! Now this story and I have been reunited (that is always so exciting!) and the snug loves it just as much as I did.

The best part?

IMG_3113 IMG_3114

There is a pattern on how to make your own pig!!!

IMG_3111You will need:

Old tights with holes thtat are WAY too small for your ever-growing green bean child.


Needle and thread, Embroidery floss, scissors, Makers, Buttons, Felt, Fiber Fill, Yarn, and various fabric for clothing.


First, take a leg of a tight and cut off a chunk. The pattern suggests 7 inches, we did a little bit more.


Cut off the top part of the tight and unfold it. We cut a straight line up from the crotch of the tight, thus yielding two of these pieces. This part you can use to cut out the little circles, about 2 inches in diameter, to make the little piggy legs.


Next grab the needle and thread and on the WRONG side of the tight sew a running stitch.

P.S. Those are not my hands!!! Babies first non-medical stitches!




Nice and almost straight. That doesn’t matter though, because in the next step…

IMG_3123 IMG_3124

Pull those stitches tight and secure them (tie a knot). Then flip the whole thing right side out.


Stuff  a little bit! This is a picture of an overstuffed pig, you only need a little bit in order to do all the head details.

IMG_3126 IMG_3129

Sew the cute button nose right on the scrunched up part.


Add the face details. We did the suggested French Knots for eyes and a smiley mouth. We will get creative with the next few we do.

IMG_3134 IMG_3135

Cut some ears out of the felt and whip stitch them on! Then finish stuffing!


Twist the tail and secure.


Take the little circles and do a running stitch around the edge. Put a little bit of stuffing in the center and pull the stitches tight. You should get a little foot.


Fasten the little foot together, so the stitches don’t come loose and attach to the pigs body.


Soon you will have four cute little leg/feet things.


An adorable little face!


And a super cute butt!


Next, add clothes and hair. Alas, this was as far as we got tonight, before bed time. Tomorrow we will finish this pig and make more! I will update with pictures!

Happy Sustainable Crafting!!!


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