Sustainable Project #2: Sweater Coffee Coozies.


Today I made some coffee coozies from old sweaters I had picked up from the good will. It was the good will outlet in fact. Even the good will has outlets! Everything is in giant bins and you pay for it by the pound. Incredible.

These are super easy and super cute.

IMG_3156 IMG_3158

Start off with some sweaters in varying colors. Choose your base color.


Cut out a rectangle, roughly 10 inches x 3 inches. I started out by measuring the cup and cutting out more of a trapezoid, however, I found out it works better to just cut a straight rectangle and alter the seam. You get a better fit.

NOTE! For sweater with a variety of materials (i.e. 10% cotton, 50% wool, etc) you will want to cut along the side of the sweater. This will keep the coozie from unraveling while you sew it.

IMG_3166 IMG_3169

Next decide on the decoration you want. For the first one I did circles, similar to a coozie I already had. For the second one I did a tulip and leaves. I cut the shape out of paper and traced it onto the sweater with a washable marker.


Pin and sew.

IMG_3171 IMG_3173

I did a straight stitch, spiral pattern for the circles.


Then zigzag around the edges for the tulip and leaves. (above picture was taken before sewing).


Next, bring the edges together, you can measure on a cup first, but basically you want the bottom to be narrower than the top. You can see this above.

IMG_3174 IMG_3177

TA-DA! Easy Peasy!

IMG_3187 IMG_3188 IMG_3189

ANOTHER NOTE! About the edging. For the circles I tried out a decorative stitch. For the tulip I did a once folded hem. Both rippled out a bit, though you can hardly tell when the coozie is on the cup.

ONE MORE! The purple sweater was thick, really thick. It turned out to be a little too thick for this project. This project works best with sweaters that have a similar feel and weight.

Happy Sustainable Crafting!


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